Vitamin C: 15 Benefit Booster for Health and Skin

Vitamin C: 15 Benefit Booster for Health and Skin

Vitamin C is a very effective immune booster and probably the safest first line of defense for infection.

From childhood we know that sour taste in any vegetables and fruit is a good source of Vitamin C.It is true also but there are many more vegetables and fruits from which you can gain Vitamin C.

What is vitamin C?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin and essential micronutrient. As humans, we cannot produce vitamin in the body, so it must be obtained from dietary sources, primarily fruits and vegetables.

It is absorbed in the small intestine and large amounts are stored in the brain, adrenal glands, pituitary gland, eyes, leukocytes (a type of white blood cell), and skin.

Benefits of vitamin C

1. Reduce risk of Chronic disease

Vitamin C is the best source of antioxidants which boost the immune system and protects cells from harmful molecules.It also reduce the risk of chronic disease.

2. Reduce risk of heart disease

Now a days the main death cause is heart disease.These supplements may lower heart disease risk factors, including high blood levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides.

3. Prevent Memory and thinking

Low vitamin C levels have been linked to an increased risk of memory and thinking disorders like dementia, while a high intake of vitamin from foods and supplements has been shown to have a protective effect

4. Reduce risk of cancer

A handful of studies have linked vitamin C intake to a lower risk of several cancers. However, most studies have found that vitamin does not affect the risk of developing cancer

5. Protect from eye disease

Vitamin C has been linked to reduced risks of eye diseases like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. However, vitamin supplements have no effect or may even cause harm

6. Treat lead toxicity

Although people with lead toxicity appear to have low vitamin C levels, there is no strong evidence from human studies that show vitamin can treat lead toxicity.

7. Prevent common cold

While vitamin C appears to reduce the severity of colds and recovery time by 8% in adults and 14% in children, it does not prevent them.

8. Helps battle asthma

Vitamin C is also beneficial for chronic asthma.It consist of antioxidant and antihistamine which improves lung function. Studies suggest that 1000-2000 mg of the vitamin every day can effectively reduce the production of histamines which is a major cause of inflammation in asthma patients.

9. Boosts immunity

Vitamin C boosts immunity by increasing white blood cells.Strengthening skin defense system and helps wounds heal faster

10. Reduces the risk of stroke

Vitamin C kills the free radicals, which damage the walls of arteries, and thereby decrease the possibility of a stroke. Along with this, its consumption also lowers cholesterol and improves blood flow.

11. Prevent Iron deficiency

Iron helps in making red blood cells and transporting Oxygen throughout the body.It can improve the absorption of iron that is poorly absorbed, such as iron from meat-free sources. It may also reduce the risk of iron deficiency.

12. Helps in weight loss

Add lemon and papaya in your daily diet it will  help you to reduce fat in your body and increase metabolism. So, the inclusion of citrus fruits or leafy vegetables in your diet before or after one’s exercise routine can aid better fat loss.

13. Beneficial for skin problems

Clinical trials have proven that Vitamin C prevents sagging of skin, reduces wrinkles, protects from UV rays as well as improves the elasticity of the skin. Therefore, today it is widely used in various face packs, creams, and moisturizers

14. Helps to manage high blood pressure

Vitamin supplements have been found to lower blood pressure in both healthy adults and those with high blood pressure.

15. Regulates blood sugar

Intake of Vitamin C aids the regulated of blood sugar levels and stimulates insulin  mechanism, reduces fasting blood glucose thereby enhancing the efficacy of the treatment.

Vitamin C Rich Foods

1. Cherries🍒

One and an half cup of cherries delivers 822 mg of Vitamin C or 913% Of the DV.

Cherries have cancer fighting properties and also prevent UVB skin damage and decrease DNA damage.

2. Guavas

Guavas contains 126 mg of Vitamin C.It is also rich in antioxidants lycopene and helps in lowered blood pressure and cholesterol level.

3. Parsley

Two spoon of parsley leaves contains 10 mg of Vitamin.It helps to increase Iron absorption.

4. Kiwi

One medium kiwi contains 71 mg of Vitamin C. Kiwi fruit may help to reduce oxidative stress, lower cholesterol and improve immunity.Eating 2-3 kiwis everyday for 28 days reduce blood platelets by 18%, also reduce blood clot and stroke chances.

5. Broccoli

One and an half cup of broccoli provides 51 mg of Vitamin. Brocoli also helps lowered oxidative stress, decrease risk of cancer, improve immunity and heart disease

6. Oranges

Oranges are an excellent fruit that offers considerable amounts of Vitamin C. A medium-sized orange contains 70 mg of Vitamin C. In fact, citrus fruits can help one meet the vitamin requirement easily.

7. Lychees

One whole lychee provides 7mg of Vitamin C.It also contains Omega-3, Omega-6 and some fatty acids, which helps in to improve your heart, blood vessels and brain.

8. Lemons

One whole lemon  provides 83mg of Vitamin.The juice of lemon also acts as an antioxidant.There are many ways to take lemon in the morning with a warm water and in green tea or you can also add in your food.

9. Strawberries 🍓

8-9 strawberries contain 89mg of vitamin.They are rich in manganese, folate,  flavonoids and antioxidants.It helps in prevent vascular disease, diabetes, cancer and dementia.

10. Papayas

3 slices of papaya contains 87mg of vitamin.It can aids in memory And has anti-inflammatory.

List of Vitamin C Tablets

Fast&Up Charge with Natural Vitamin C and Zinc for Immunity

Vitamin C: 15 Benefit Booster for Health and Skin
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  • Fast&Up Charge is India’s first natural effervescent Vitamin daily food supplement
  • Packed with the power of 40 Amlas, Fast&Up Charge is a natural effervescent supplement to protect you against infections
  • Antioxidants help to boost your immunity and protect the body cells from oxidative damage
  • How To Use: Drop 1 tablet in 250 ml of water, wait till it dissolves completely and drink after any meal. Not to consume on empty stomach.
  • Fast&Up Charge can be consumed by anyone and is recommended for daily use for better results.

BIGMUSCLES NUTRITION Natural Vitamin C Tablets 1000 mg

Vitamin C: 15 Benefit Booster for Health and Skin
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  • ADVANCED & CONVINIENT: Well researched formulation of Vitamin from organic sources along with Zinc in tablet form to boost your Vitamin C intake while on the go with touch of amazing orange flavour
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: Vitamin & Zinc steps up to the plate for healthy immune function by supporting various cellular functions in the body while neutralizing free radicals
  • NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT: a potent antioxidant and essential nutrient that our body needs. It makes certain nutrients and minerals more bio-available to your body, needless to say, its important to have in the pantry
  • AIDS HEALTHY DIGESTION: It helps promote the production of stomach acid, improving the break down of food
  • SUPPORTS A HEALTHY HEART: It can switch to a pro-oxidant when needed, which may help support healthy heart and blood vessels, while helping to maintain cholesterol levels already within normal range
  • SUPPORTS IRON ABSORPTION: It may aid in iron absorption which promote the production of red blood cells and oxygen transportation in the body
  • SUPPORT BRAIN HEALTH: It plays a role in supporting working memory and cognitive function
  • IMPROVES HAIR, SKIN & NAIL HEALTH: It is important for collagen production, which helps support the health and structure of hair, skin, and nails
  • DIRECTION TO USE: When your immune system needs a boost take 1 tablet a day after any meal

Boldfit Vitamin C Complex 1000mg tablets with Amla & Zinc 

Vitamin C: 15 Benefit Booster for Health and Skin
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Healthkart Vitamin C (500mg)

Vitamin C: 15 Benefit Booster for Health and Skin
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Good amounts of Vitamin C can be obtained from certain fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruits such as oranges, strawberries, gooseberries and grapes and leafy vegetables like cabbage, cauliflowers, etc. are great sources of this vitamin.

Potatoes, red peppers, parsley and Brussel sprouts too contain considerable amounts of it. However, do make sure to cook food briefly at low temperatures to preserve the vitamin in your food.

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