International Youth Day 2020, “Youth Engagement for Global Action”

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Happy International Youth Day ( In Advance).

International Youth Day (IYD) is an awareness day designated by the United Nations. The purpose of the day is to draw attention to youth related issues all around the world. The first IYD was observed on 12 August, 2000. Since then, it is celebrated by conducting various events that are meant to boost the well being of the younger generation.

International Youth Day 2020 | United Nations For Youth

This year’s theme is “Youth Engagement for Global Action”. I asked myself this question and I think you should too, ”have you been able to contribute to society in your own little way?”. I leave you to answer that.

The theme of International Youth Day 2020, “Youth Engagement for Global Action” seeks to highlight the ways in which the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes, as well as draw lessons on how their representation and engagement in formal institutional politics can be significantly enhanced.

What is the History of International youth day?

International Youth Day
International Youth Day

The concept of International Youth Day was suggested in 1991 by the youngsters from Vienna and Austria for the first conference of the UN’s World Youth Council. The committee recommended that an International Youth Day be will be affirmed; especially for crowd sourcing and promotional purposes, to reinforce the United Nations Youth Fund in association with youth organizations.

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) first designated 12th August as International Youth Day by the in 1999 by authenticating the endorsement made to this decision by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth, Lisbon in August 1998. That recommendation was later endorsed by the UNGA in the year 1999. International Youth Day was observed for the first time in 2000. It is a golden opportunity for young men and women to create awareness about the confrontation and problems that they usually face around the globe.

Youth related quotes by inspiring personalities

Here are some youth related quotes by inspiring personalities to keep you going:

  1. ‘Youth has no age’. – Pablo Picasso
  2. ‘Good habits formed at youth make all the difference’. – Aristotle
  3. ‘Youth is the hope of our future’. – Jose Rizal
  4. (*whispers* Although, somebody needs to remind our leaders)
  5. ‘The foundation of every state is the education of its youth’. – Diogenes
  6. ‘Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action’. — APJ Abdul Kalam, former Indian President.
  7. ‘The youth need to be enabled to become job generators from job seekers’. — APJ Abdul Kalam.
  8. ‘The duty of youth is to challenge corruption’. — Kurt Cobain, musician.
  9. ‘Youth comes but once in a lifetime’. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, poet.
  10. ‘Whoever neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead for the future’.
  11. ‘Youth is the best time to be rich, and the best time to be poor. — Euripides Euripides, tragedian’.
  12. ‘There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age’. – Sophia Loren

Youth Responses to COVID-19

International Youth Day

COVID-19 affects all segments of the population, with young people playing a key role in the management of this outbreak and the recovery following the outbreak. Though much is still unknown on how the disease affects young people. Governments are mandated in the World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY) to ensure their services meet the needs of young people. In these circumstances, it is important to ensure that youth are heard alongside other community. And patient voices in the rollout of health and non-health interventions in response to COVID-19.

Young innovators are already responding to the virus through social impact innovation. Around the world, a number of initiatives are being developed to leverage young people’s efforts. They generate and deliver support to at-risk populations or populations affected by the pandemic. Whilst most of these initiatives are on a voluntary basis (e.g. young people offering to shop for and deliver food to elders or at-risk people), they can also take the shape of social enterprises. Many youth-driven technology innovation hubs are supporting startups to develop effective solutions to address COVID-19. For example, CcHUB (an open living lab and pre-incubation space) in Nigeria is offering to provide financial, research and design support for projects related to COVID-19.

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