Talc- Free baby powder for soothing effect on the skin

Are you looking for the best baby powder for newborn or baby in India? You are the right place! Choosing baby powder in today’s world should be taken very seriously. Ask me why?

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American Association of Pediatricians discourages the usage of talcum/baby powder as babies are bound to inhale the minute talcum powder particles which in turn lead to respiratory ailments including asthma. There is also another ugly finding that usage of talcum powder could also lead to an increased risk of cancer. So, it’s important to choose the Best Baby Powders, considering the quality & ingredients used.

Best Talc Free Baby Powder

Nature’s Baby Organics Silky Dusting Powder

This natural formula contains tapioca starch and certified organic aloe. Dust it on your baby’s bottom to absorb moisture and keep your baby’s skin in good shape.



  • TALC FREE BABY POWDER – Pamper your baby with soft organic baby powder. We use Tapioca Starch as one of the main ingredients because it is highly absorbent without caking. This baby powder absorbs moisture keeping your baby comfortable all day.
  • SAFE GENTLE DUSTING POWDER- Our soothing baby powder is safe for newborns, infants, and even older kids. Nature’s Baby only uses USDA certified organic ingredients in their baby powder that are free from talc and other harmful chemicals.
  • MOISTURIZING ALOE AND CHAMOMILE – The aloe and chamomile in our organic baby powder is designed to calm irritated skin and relieve chafing. Simply dust our baby over your baby’s bottom, legs, and arms to absorb wetness and prevent irritation.
  • ORGANIC AND VEGAN – Our organic baby powder is the choice for those that prefer pure, natural plant-based ingredients that are chemical and animal free. Our baby powder only contains the highest quality ingredients.
  • MADE BY BABY ORGANICS – This baby dusting powder is made by Baby Organics. We are committed to being part of the Organic Trade Association and producing only the highest quality baby products without harsh chemicals.

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Burt’s Bees Baby Natural Dusting Powder

Burt’s Bees has your baby’s back … and bottom. This 100% natural powder is talc-free, and you can liberally dust it onto your baby’s skin.



  • BABY DUSTING POWDER: Pamper your baby’s skin from head to toe with this calming baby powder that will help keep skin soft, dry and comfortable
  • LIGHTLY SCENTED: The mild, clean scent of this powder keeps your baby smelling fresh in-between diaper changes while soothing skin
  • BABY SKIN CARE: This natural baby care provides gentle comfort and calming relief for diaper rashes and helps absorb dampness after bath time
  • 100% NATURAL: Burt’s Bees dusting powder is talc-free with naturally absorbent Cornstarch and is formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS
  • PEDIATRICIAN TESTED: This hypo-allergenic dusting powder is clinically proven to be safe, effective and non-irritating to nurture baby’s delicate skin

Era Organics Honeybuns Baby Powder

This 100% natural and certified-organic baby powder will keep your cutie’s skin smooth and soft. The formula features rosemary and calendula, so you’ll love the smell, too.



  • THE BEST TALC FREE BABY POWDER FOR DELICATE SKIN-Gentle, nutrient rich dusting powder that’s actually good for your skin! Made with Organic Arrowroot Powder, Cornstarch, Kaolin Clay, Calendula Extract and Rosemary Extract.
  • START OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT- Avoid harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients found in other baby products. Talc free powder that’s also fragrance free, non-toxic, 100% natural and USDA Certified Organic.
  • MADE FOR SENSITIVE, IRRITATED SKIN – Skin powder perfect for dry, cracked, chapped or damaged skin with gentle, nourishing ingredients. Use in replace of talcum powders in shoes, diaper rash, etc. Works great with cloth diapers.
  • KEEP SKIN HEALTHY – Help keep skin soft, supply and protect from excess moisture. Talc free powder for women, men, kids and of course infants.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – Era Organics is family owned and operated so customer service and satisfaction are our top priority – which is why we offer a 60 Day “Love It Or Your Money Back” Manufacturer’s Guarantee. 

California Baby Calming Organic Powder

With its delightful (and natural) French-lavender scent, this baby powder is designed to keep your babe’s sensitive skin rash-free. The highly absorbent blend of tapioca starch and kaolin clay will help keep your sweetie’s leg rolls moisture-free.



  • Our silky smooth, certified organic powder absorbs moisture and prevents chafing with a safe, gentle blend of corn and tapioca starches and moisture-absorbing kaolin clay.
  • Talc-free and lightly scented with the beautiful scent of French lavender, Clary sage, and tea tree pure essential oils.
  • It’s soothing, gentle on sensitive skin, and safe, unlike traditional talc-based powders.
  • A light dusting keeps skin dry, smooth and comfortable in the diaper area, between chubby folds, feet, and more.
  • May be used daily on babies or adults, or try sprinkling on hair as a dry shampoo.
  • This cruelty-free product is allergy tested and does not contain: gluten, soy, oats, dairy, or nuts (except coconut)
  • Free of: talc and synthetic fragrances

Made Of Organic

The delicate skin of your little sweetie tends to be eczema- and irritation-prone. Using products with artificial fragrances can only make it worse.

Made Of’s organic baby powder contains a blend of calming aloe vera and argan oil with a moisture-wicking kaolin clay base. The silky smooth texture means no clumpy, crumbly mess when you open your baby’s diaper.



  • WHILE OTHER BABY POWDERS ON THE MARKET cause irritation and breakouts or CONTAIN TOXIC, carcinogenic ingredients leading to RECALLS, MADE OF Organic Cornstarch Baby Powder is TALC-FREE & 100% Non-GMO PLANT-BASED– NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS EVER – & contains calming ALOE & ARGAN OIL to PREVENT CHAPPING & SOOTHE REDNESS & IRRITATION naturally.
  • Your baby will feel comfortable & soothed with our Talc Free Baby Powder. Because your baby powder should always only be SAFE & EFFECTIVE.
  • MADE OF 94% ORGANIC & 6% NATURAL ingredients, our talc free powder is SILKY SMOOTH & fragrance free, NEVER CRUMBLY, CAKEY OR GRITTY, employing HIGHLY ABSORBENT NATURAL KAOLIN CLAY, one of the MILDEST clays so it’s GENTLE & NON-DRYING. Organic corn starch & arrowroot powder ARE OUR SAFE, EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVES TO toxic talcum powder.
  • This baby powder cornstarch protects against diaper rash & is the perfect natural baby powder FOR SENSITIVE SKIN & ECZEMA.

Ora’s Amazing Pure and Simple Body Powder

This scented talc-free baby powder contains antibacterial essential oils like lavender, vetiver, and clary sage. It’s a treat for both you and baby when you dust it all over their skin after every bubbly bathing session.



  • Blissfully scented natural and grain free body powder with essential oils of Vetiver, Lavender, and Clary Sage.
  • Contains naturally antiodor, antibacterial, and antifungal ingredients.
  • Talc free, corn free, grain free, gluten free, paraben free, synthetic fragrance free, cruelty free.
  • Ora’s Amazing Herbal is a woman owned, family run business that never tests on animals.
  • At Ora’s Amazing Herbal we care about our customer service just as much as we care about the efficacy, purity, and sustainability of our products.

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MOMiN Greenicare Organic Baby Dusting Powder

This formula features soothing aloe to help your baby’s skin stay healthy and free from irritation. The talc-free baby powder not only prevents diaper rash, but will speed up the healing process, too.



  • Using only organic ingredients including Aloe, GreeniCare ORGANIC Baby Powder helps an infant’s skin retain moisture while treating and preventing diaper rash.
  • Also helps to protect against irritated/chafed skin, keeping your baby’s skin healthy and soft.
  • Aloe enhances the powder through its natural soothing and healing effects on damaged or sensitive skin, providing relief for your child’s sensitive skin.
  • With the enhancements of Aloe’s natural qualities, GreeniCareORGANIC Baby Dusting Powder helps to sooth the irritations that may come from the pressure of diapers or other irritable clothing that can cause rashes or uncomfortable wear of a baby’s skin.
  • Just as organic foods are better and more nutritious for you without the use of genetic modification; organic skin care products are safer and healthier for your body. 

Farmstead Apothecary Natural Baby Powder

This soothing plant-based formula will help keep your cutie’s chunky jelly rolls and creases dry and free of irritation. The talc-free powder has a blend of lavender and chamomile that offers a delightful, light scent that isn’t overpowering.



  • BABY POWDER LAVENDER & CHAMOMILE – Your baby’s bottom will thank you for using our luxurious baby powder.
  • Made with soothing lavender, chamomile and calendula, our all natural and organic baby powder is talc free and uses ultra absorbent tapioca starch for extra comfort.
  • Pure, gentle and non-toxic, you can’t go wrong with this crowd pleaser!
  • FARMSTEAD APOTHECARY – We believe that it’s not only important what you put in your body, but also what you put on your skin.
  • Our skin absorbs a significant amount of the products we apply. When you’re using synthetic products, you can bet that bad stuff is getting into your body.
  • Using products like lotions, face wash, and hand soap builds up in your system .
  • You can trust that you’re putting truly wholesome natural products on your body, and no longer need to compromise on quality
  • ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE 100% ALL NATURAL & 99% ORGANIC – You can have peace of mind when using our products that the ingredients come straight from the earth and are the most wholesome and skin nourishing formulas possible.
  • We don’t need chemicals to soothe our skin. We get back to basics by using plants, herbs, flowers, and fruit
  • INGREDIENTS – Organic tapioca starch, organic chamomile flowers, organic calendula flowers, organic lavender flowers
  • ONLY 4 INGREDIENTS USED –100% Plant Based, 100% Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Talc-Free, Specifically formulated for sensitive skin, Chamomile, Calendula, & Lavender flower powder to soothe skin

Benefits of using Baby powder

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  • It arrests excessive sweating in babies
  • Reduces the chances of developing rashes in sensitive areas like – thighs, armpits, neck and genitals
  • Helps absorb excess moisture after bath
  • Helps prevent nappy rashes


To sum up, shopping for the best baby powder requires a keen assessment of the product to ensure that the ingredients used for manufacture are safe for the baby. Chose the right product to avoid side effects and promote freshness while preventing skin infections in babies.  Some products are clinically tested and are suitable for a specific type of skin.

Therefore, remember to first identify your baby’s needs before choosing a long term powder. Also, for babies with sensitive skin, confirm with the doctor before using harsh powders, especially those that contain many chemicals. Another point to consider is the fragrance of the product. Strong scents can cause breathing problems while a mild and sweet fragrance can relax the baby and keep odor at bay.

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