The World’s Best Squash Rackets That’ll Help You ‘Squash’ The Competition

It can be overwhelming trying to choose squash rackets that fits your needs and skill level.

Squash is one of the most popular sports and pastimes around the world, and it’s no wonder why! It’s fun, it’s convenient, and you don’t have to be a pro to be good at it.

You don’t need a lot of equipment, but you absolutely need a squash racquet! However, there are a ton of racquets out there, and a lot of them aren’t up to the level of quality you should be playing with.

With all the different brands, prices, and new models coming out, very often I see beginners, intermediate, and advanced squash players ending up with one that doesn’t meet their expectations.

That’s why we’ve done the research to find the top squash racquets so you don’t have to. Let’s get started!

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The game of squash deals with fast response and timely moves as well. To be able to do these, you need to equip yourself with the necessary tools and equipment. This review is going to talk about the best squash rackets available to play, bearing in mind their features, strengths, and weaknesses.


It is no longer a secret that this squash rackets can improve your game on so many fronts. All thanks to Tecnifibre.

Having its essential components as Graphite and Basaltex, the racquet comes factory strung to reduce any stress of getting it strung on the part of the customers. This racquet will improve your game if you’ve been using it for some time. This is quite a fantastic racket to use on the court.

The lightness of the racket enables the player to generate lots of power when making shots. This can serve the function of a double-edged sword (or double-edged racket, whichever the case may be). Advanced players would notice that their swing and techniques have significantly improved. This is because their swing is good already.

On the other hand, however, beginners may find it difficult to hit a shot initially until they make improvements on their swings. If you already have a well-improved swing, then you will realize that this racket would offer you more speed, accuracy, and power. You are also going to be able to hit your targets more easily than before and leave your opponent chasing you behind. It is also essentially a great racket for hitting the squash ball on the volley.

When you do hit the ball, you would realize that there is little or almost no vibrations. When the racket is balanced, any vibrations would be filtered down through the handle and out of the racket. This will ultimately ensure that you have more pleasant playing experience.

This is a racket which is primarily designed for advanced players, and those advanced players will find a lot of these features as accommodating. It is one of the best squash rackets you can find on the market which will improve your game on almost all fronts.

It is lightweightNo color option
Quite easy to handleNot designed for beginners
There is an improvement in speed and powerSlightly expensive
Good tension stringsNot so stiff
Ideal for offensive players
Incredible grip
Made of high-quality materials


Another superb squash rackets from Head.

Weighing in at 110 grams and a length of 27 inches, this racquet comes in a cover that helps to protect the racquet. This is an impressive entry-level racket that is perfectly ideal for beginners since they are just learning to play squash. The racket boasts of a high level of balance which will, in turn, give you incredible control over your speed and power too. This is a great squash rackets for beginners.

You get access to a lot of control and balance with this racket. Because of this, there is no definite need to be perfect when you make every shot at generating your speed and power. The racket has a long life-span, coupled with the versatility it has to offer.

It is also deemed very accommodating for almost all the levels of players. The handle is comfortable that it aids in filtering out any form of vibrations which may have adverse effects on your shot. For someone who has just started learning this game, this squash rackets will propel your game to the next level.

It is lightweightLacks a good grip
It comes pre-strung
It comes with a cover
Easy to use
Can buy a set for multiple players


This has been widely acclaimed as one of the best additions by Head, as this racquet comes pre-loaded with loads of benefits.

You would be able to access shots before they got to the backcourt. This is due to the racquet’s lightweight nature, as well as the thin beam it comes with. This further allows a player a little bit of more space to be more flexible with the wrist.

This is great for players who like to bring shots off the back wall. The racquet’s thin beam is a quite exciting feature, as I discovered that it aids racquet speed. I initially had the fear that it would probably have a negative impact on the control, but I ended up being proved wrong.

The control this racquet provides is not only excellent, but it also allows you to hit better while making accurate and precise drop shots. You would also discover that controlling the ball on harder shots became relatively more relaxed. This can be well attributed to the racquet’s fantastic sweet spot. I would recommend this racquet to a player who likes to hit the ball in the middle of the racquet more often.

Another outstanding feature of this racquet is that it is a very lightweight racquet. The head balance is quite even, so it makes it easy to take the racquet through the ball. This is not like other similar racquets where the players are required to make a more significant effort before they can also achieve this.

This is overall a great racquet that offers cool control, maneuverability, and an even head balance. The Head Graphene XT Xenon SB 120 makes it possible for players to attack shots on the midcourt while boasting of increased accuracy as well. This is a positive feature, as you would be able to use your wrist in a more difficult position to retrieve harder shots.

This racquet was also able to offer an amazing feeling anytime the ball hit off the sweet spot. This would, in turn, ensure that your shots can travel to anywhere you want it to. Summarily, I highly recommend this squash rackets for a player who likes to be aggressive, and a player who places a lot of premium on accuracy and precision.

Accurate ShotsSometimes vibrates
Easy maneuverabilityCan be unstable
Generate more power
Offers great control


Tecnifibre has done it again with the Carboflex 125 X-Speed, which was launched in March 2018. This was deemed to be a replacement of the Tecnifibre 125 NS which had been a hot-selling squash rackets in the market.

Coming in with a fresher design, a great balance, and an improved ability to create more power from short swings, this racquet can help you change the pace of your game while playing in the court. This racquet’s frame weighs in at 125 grams, with a balance point of 350 mm, alongside a slightly heavy 500cm2 ( teardrop head.

Tecnifibre’s 305+ 1.20mm premium string has been used to string this racquet. The maneuverability of this racquet enables the player to change sides easily, being able to volley shots, make overhead shots and any other shot that needs fast racquet speed.

Most advanced players would appreciate this quality it offers. Players generally do not expect that such a lightweight racquet would still be able to produce so much power. Through this, you would be able to create a decent pace with this racquet, which is whole because it is attached to lower tension. 

To generate excellent power with this squash rackets, you will need to hold it well to snap through the ball. I am almost sure that you would not have a tough time getting the ball to the back of the court with the aid of the racquet. The racquet is mostly made of graphite, alongside a multi-directional weave that also helps to reduce the impact of the shock while also enhancing the feel.

It is very flexibleCan be a little challenging at first
Rewards fast strokes
Ideal for intermediate and advanced players
Offers lots of control
High potential for spin
Has smooth sync with the arm
Provides a larger sweet spot

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The Prince Exo3 Pro Tour was released in 2011, and the aplomb that followed it meant that it was not overrated.

The EXO3 mark means that the O-Ports has less vibration and a larger sweet spot. This squash rackets was explicitly designed for James Willstrop, who was the former World No. 1 because they wanted to get something to suit his playing style.

Its weight is 145 g when unstrung which makes it heavier in a way. This ensures it offers more stability to maintain control of the ball. This is ideal as it delays your shots to impede your opponent’s pace and ultimately slow down the game.

A major plus in this racquet is the substantial head balance that provides you with a lot of power when making your shots. So, although the EXO3 Tour is ideal for a slower game, especially when controlling the ball.

Therefore, you can make some accurate and powerful strokes from the back of the court with so much precision as well. It is not impossible that some players might find it slow and cumbersome. This is because of the higher weight and heavy head balance it possesses.

It is very flexibleCan be a little challenging at first
Rewards fast strokes
Ideal for intermediate and advanced players
Offers lots of control
High potential for spin
Has smooth sync with the arm
Provides a larger sweet spot


The head graphene xt xenon sb 135 has been referred to as one of the best racquets ever designed by Head.

Also known as the chosen racquet of the 2008 world cup runner-up Karim Darwish, this racquet would give you an edge over your opponents as it would enable you to withstand intense competitions.

This is by far one of the best high-quality racquets you can get on the market. It has also been designed to last for many years due to the high-quality materials it is made of. With a weight of only 4.76oz, the Graphene Xenon is made of lightweight materials. It is a machine that would help you boost your game, and take you to the next level. 

Apart from the fact that it is made of lightweight materials, the Graphene Xenon also has weight, which is unlike some other racquets. The Head of the Graphene Xenon Squash Racquet is quite heavy, which some players may need some time to get used to. Although once you’re okay with the weighting and balance, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the true strength of this racquet.

Summarily, the Head Graphite Xenon Squash Racquet is an excellent choice for players from different categories. There are specific features that some players probably may not find attuned to their taste.

 This is perfectly normal, as this is a game of squash, and everybody is different. So if you require a fantastic gift or are just in need of an upgrade to your game or you want a better playing racket, I am glad to inform you that the Head Graphite Xenon racquet is the best answer to your dilemma.

It is lightweightHead-heavy aspect
Has a unique weightReduced power
Reduced vibration
Stronger frame


This is another great addition from Python themselves. They outdid themselves on this one.

This starter pack has been esteemed to be a complete set, and however it includes some additional treats, for example, three Dunlop Atomic squash balls, eye guard, and furthermore a transparent cover.

This squash racquet has been intended to offer you ideal control through the 106.5 square inches of the strung surface and the recently modified teardrop frame shape. The squashballs have a shade of blue, which is very appealing and calls for attension rapidly since they have improved visibility, which further guarantees you can keep monitor them while playing.

There is likewise the element of the graphiteinfused frame which has been made stiff to add to the quality. You would likewise approach the Python Intro 2000 protective glasses which have straps that accommodate a perfect fit. With a grip size of around 3-5/8 inches, there is arrangement for consistent control and moderately agreeable clasp.

Has an incredible balanceStrings get damaged easily
The swing is easily controlled
Very comfortable to use
Ideal for beginners
Ideal for offensive players


A racquet intended for both men and women, the Dunlop precision ultimate squash racquet has been described as an all-round racquet because of the features it boasts of.

The Dunlop Precision Elite was deemed as the squash racket for the 2016-17 season. It offers advanced and professional players total control of the ball. The fact that it is also the new squash racket of world champion Greg Gaultier also sheds more light on how good this racquet is. This serves as a boost to players who are unsure of the authenticity of the racquet.

This is the racquet you would want to hold with you when you go for that competitive game. The signature of this squash hero has been ingrained on the side of this frame as well, which indeed makes it more stylish and authentic. The color this squash racket comes in also gives it a very original look. This is indeed reminiscent of the British Racing Green.

All the squash rackets in Dunlop’s Precision series have been known to have a head-light balance. What this means is that the center of gravity is no longer present in the top of the racket, but rather more to the middle now. 

What this means is that as a player, you now have much more control over the squash racket and consequently over the squash ball too. It comes in really low weight – 135 grams. This ensures that your squash racket is somewhat easier to maneuver. This makes it easier to perform almost any kind of shot.

It is used by a world championDoes not generate a lot of power
Offers lots of control
Suitable for all-around players
Comes pre-strung


This is the heaviest racquet from the new Dynergy AP series.

It is no secret that the AP 135 is the heaviest squash racquet of the redesigned Tecnifibre Dynergy series which was launched in 2016. One of the main innovations of this racquet is Arch Power. This refers to the fact that the throat strings are not joined to the frame itself. 

Instead, the strings are wrapped around the arch, paving the way for a fan-shaped pattern. It has a bit of semblance to the Power Ring used on Prince Squash racquets, only that there is an increase in power and comfort now. Another major feature in this racquet is the slightly thicker shaft referred to as Jumbo Shaft. The Jumbo Shaft should offer increased power and stability, although, on the other hand, it sort of makes the frame a bit chunky.

Offers good stabilityQuite heavy for some quarters
Increase in power
Quite comfortable to use


Make no mistake about this racquet, as the features it comes with would make ensure you come back for more.

With a string pattern of 16/17 and a frame weight of 130g, the Head Graphene 130 Squash Racquet is a racquet that suits almost all levels of players. Advanced and professional players have their games significantly improved, as well as beginners too. 

There is a promise of improved speed, accuracy, and power that comes with this racquet. The impressive and comfortable feel the grip has ensured that you enjoy your game without any form of constraints. Vibrations are also taken away from this racquet because of this homely grip as well. 

The accuracy and precision you would expect to see are present in this racquet, which in turn ensure that you do not lose control at any point. The lightweight structure this beauty comes in also helps you generate a reasonable amount of power as a player, even during pretty intense games.

It comes pre-strungIt is somewhat expensive
It is lightweight
Comes with an excellent grip
Comes with a cover for protection
Vibrations are absorbed

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This is considered as another great addition from Dunlop.

The Evolution 120 is one of the first Dunlop squash racquets to be upgraded into the new Force series. It served as a replacement to the Biomimetics Evolution 120 which came in pink color and was marketed as a women’s racket. 

A significant improvement to this racquet is that it is now unisex and it comes with different color designs. The company has decided to stick to the popular hybrid frame style, which has a teardrop shape for increased power, alongside a small bridge for torsional stability.

Control as a feature has also been adhered to with the significant improvement coming in the shape which makes it more rounded. A major highlight of this racquet is the enhancement of the maneuverability and the speed of the strokes. AeroSkin which is a new technology also aids drag through the air. HyperFibre has also been used to improve the shaft stiffness and bring about better stability while making shots.

It has a very light frameIt is seen as expensive
Offers speed
Very maneuverable
Offers amazing control
Offers great power


The Hyper Hammer from Wilson is a racquet that has a lot of features that makes it quite distinct and unusual.

There has been no compromise on the quality or feel of the play-style. 

The headlight balance this racquet features gives enough opportunities for the player to make helpful hits as well as give spins while responding to shots. 

Throughout the gameplay, this racket doesn’t in any way deride the player comfortability. The major compromise on this racquet is its poor stability. You have to learn to focus a lot of times and also maintain a nice grip to keep up with its stability. Overall, you will enjoy an excellent control of the racquet as you maneuver it during your game.

It has Hyper CarbonIt is somewhat expensive
Comes with Hammer Technology
Features power grommets


The Head Graphene 115 squash racquet is a new addition to the Head series.

The Head Graphene 115 Squash Racquet is an extremely lightweight racquet with a weight of just 115 grams. With a headlight balance and a length of 27 inches, the Head Graphene is indeed one of the best racquets available on the market today. 

It has been designed to provide the player with a very high level of performance power. The Head Graphene 115 squash racquet features an up to date racquet design, alongside modern technology. The Head squash racquet company is known to use smart materials in the designs of its racquets.

 Summarily, the materials used in the design of this beauty provide it with a softer touch and better feel. This slows hits and increases stiffness to produce tremendous power when making quick strokes.

Racquet is lightweightStrings are fragile
Balance of weight and powerRim is not strong enough
Quite reasonable for beginners
Perfect for amateurs


The Head Graphene Touch Radical is one of the foremost squash racquets to be released on the market in 2019.

With a heavy head balance and a frame weight of 135 g, the Graphene Touch Radical 135 is your racquet. This equipment has been recommended by Laura Massaro, and it features the new Adaptive Fan Pattern (AFP) technology from Head themselves.

This brilliant piece of innovation gives you the space to choose between the straight string pattern and the special fan-shaped pattern. The straight string pattern, on the one hand, would maximize your power game while the special fan-shaped pattern, on the other hand, optimizes your ability to gain control of the ball.

In addition to all these, the innovative Graphene Touch technology that has been embedded in it ensures you have an amazing touch and a solid dampened feel. Compared to its slim-body counterparts, this top seller racquet features the standard racquet beam. 

A lot of quarters consider this racquet as the perfect choice for the serious frontcourt player who wants to play an aggressive and technical game. The Adaptive String Pattern Technology affords players with the opportunity to have improved precision, and durability as well.

It is lightweightNot heavy enough for some players
It has a unique weightMight take some time getting used to it
Reduced or no vibration
Perfect for offensive players


There is almost no racquet that can match up with this beauty when it comes to features and innovations. You will soon know why as you read on.

It is no news that Wilson is a brand known for the quality it offers, while also boasting of a fantastic performance when used on the squash court. I can assure you that this is not like your regular squash gear. This is a racquet that is mainly designed with a lot of professional style of play and places reliance more on your techniques, although this could be up for debate. You might encounter some challenges in the beginning, but once you get used to it, you get to experience its real power.

Everything about this racquet feels very different from the regular squash racquets you are used to. For instance, you would notice that swinging it feels very different, in the right way though. It doesn’t make that swishing sound but has a smoother reaction.

 All these ensure that there is a maximum transfer of power. Majority of the Wilson Blade Ultra-light racquet buyers have observed that it took about forty minutes to get in tune with the real potential of this fantastic squash racquet. 

The racket doesn’t need much time to get in tune with your body language. Hence, you have the license to smash some beauties on the court. The innovation of the woven graphite-basalt frame coating allows room for a softer feel and an improved response. Because of this, advanced players tend to feel more connected to the ball, even during intense gameplay.

 It has also been observed that the sweet spot in this racquet is slightly more generous and forgiving. Although the tight string pattern provides players with incredible precision, it also has to let go of the ability to come up with a lot of effects on baseline shots and serve lifts. Summarily, this is a very much improved version, which will be quite ideal for players who are looking for a frame that has tons of sophisticated technologies embedded in it.

It also owes this to the power it packs. Once again, players have appreciated the Wilson Blade Ultra-light’s precision and handling. Some of them have suggested that a little more power and easier access to spin can make a whole lot of difference.

Indeed very lightweightIt does not come pre-strung
Has a unique feel and responsivenessNeeds time to get used to
Has an amazing sweet pot
Comes with a 3 points head light
Ideal for offensive players
Has a incredible control and power

Parts of Squash racket

Here are the parts of a squash racket:

Grip: where you hold onto
Head: where the strings are
Shaft: connects the head to the grip
Throat: where the racket starts to form a V shape

Fun fact: adult rackets are 686 millimeters (27 inches) long, according to the official specs published by World Squash. You can also get shorter junior squash rackets for young players.

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Squash Racket Weight

The weight is probably the most important aspect when choosing a squash racket.  It affects:

  • Power
  • Swing speed
  • Stress on your wrist & forearm muscles
  • Selection of shots you’re able to play
  • Durability & price

I’ve personally used all weights of squash rackets, and I would categorize them as the following weight ranges:

  • 125 grams and lighter
  • 130g – 140g
  • 145 grams and heavier
Squash racket and ball on the court

​Light Squash Rackets (125g and less)

Recommended for:  Advanced players

Light squash rackets will usually feel really good when you hold them for the first time.  The main benefits are that they feel very maneuverable, and drop shots, flicks, and quick hits feel great with them. 

However, you’ll soon notice some drawbacks, especially if you’re used to heavier rackets.  The main ones are:

  • The power that you’re used to just isn’t there.  Part of the power generated in a squash shot will come from the racket weight.
  • A lot of miss-hits.  This is because of follow-through issues.  The weight of a racket usually carries it straight through the ball, meaning a crisp hit, and nice straight drives.  If you have a tendency to cut the ball, or come over it, this will be exaggerated with a light racket. 
  • Lower durability (discussed more in the Durability section)

That said, a light squash racket can be a powerful weapon for a skilled player.  Professionals like Ramy Ashour and Gregory Gaultier are known to use very light rackets. 

To properly use a light racket, you need to have developed a few key skills, most importantly:

  • A strong wrist with a powerful “snap” in your shots.  Large, loopy swing motions won’t fare well.  A strong wrist snap will assure that you get the follow-through on the ball, giving that crisp hit.  You’ll notice Ramy Ashour and Gregory Gaultier both have this mastered.
  • A strong forearm to complement the wrist power.  This will assure that your drives reach the back of the squash court, you can hit kill shots, and overall just be able to power the squash ball around the court if you so desire.
  • The cash to replace the broken squash rackets 🙂  You’ll notice the pros break theirs constantly, and even 1 good hit on a side wall or back ball of the court can snap one.

Medium Weight Squash Rackets (130g – 140g)

Recommended for:  All levels of players

This weight range is what most players go for, including professionals.  They provide a good trade-off between power and maneuverability. 

As your wrist and forearm become stronger, these squash rackets will actually start feeling lighter in your hand, and you’ll be able to perform a lot of the shots that lighter rackets have an advantage with (notably, flicks and very delicate drop shots).

These rackets will never be quite as maneuverable as light ones, but a skilled player should be able to execute a good 90-95% of the light racket shots with a medium weight one.  This is while maintaining the benefits of increased power and better follow-through.

That said, at a professional level of squash, that extra 5-10% of available shots that a lighter racket gives, could mean a huge difference.

Heavy Squash Rackets (145g and more)

A lot of beginner squash rackets, or ones that you find really cheap at sports stores, will be in this category. 

Some squash players and even coaches will recommend using one temporarily, for building up forearm and wrist strength with the heavier frame.  I would advise against this, as you can get used to it and develop bad habits.

Squash is a game of muscle memory and proper swing technique, and you don’t want to become accustomed to a heavy racket.

Some of the big disadvantages to using them are:

  • Very hard to do drop shots, flicks, and quick-reaction shots (ie when the ball comes at you quickly from, say, a hard low crosscourt)
  • Easy to over-hit straight drives, crosscourts, and volleys, and have them bounce off the ball wall, instead of hitting good length
  • Potential for injury, especially for beginners.  If your swing isn’t solid, or you still have a loose wrist during your swing, there’s a good chance a heavy racket can injure you.  An improper swing can be a painful experience when you have a heavy racket pulling on your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Which ​Weight is Best for You?

I would recommend medium weight rackets (130g – 140g) for 90% of players, including beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.  In addition to the benefits mentioned above, you’ll also have the largest selection to choose from in squash stores or websites, since this is the most popular weight range.

For the advanced player that wants to try something new, go for the 125g (and less) rackets.  If you have enough power in your wrist and forearm, you might find yourself hitting shots you never thought possible!  Though I would recommend building up that strength with a 130g – 140g racket first.

Squash Racket Head Shape

The head shape of a squash racket has many different effects on the racket performance.  The main factors affected are:

  • Power
  • Touch / Control – how much you can feel the ball on the strings
  • Sweet spot size – the area of strings where you’ll get a crisp, clean hit on the ball, with no miss-hit

The different head shapes you’ll encounter are:


(used in many Technifibre rackets, and some newer Dunlop ones)


Teardrop rackets will give you more power in your shots, which sacrificing some control.  These are geared mostly for intermediate – advanced players that use their wrist to provide most of their ball control.  

It may be tempting to use these rackets as a beginner, since many professionals use them nowadays (notably Mohamed El Shorbagy, Marwan El Shorbagy, and Miguel Angel Rodriguez).  However, they do require some skill to use to their full advantage.  That being said, they do offer a good trade-off between good power and a large sweet spot.

Open Throat

​(used in most Dunlop, Black Knight, and Head rackets)

Open Throat

This is the most classic racket head shape.  Most old-school players (or just older players in general), will play with these.  They give the most feel and control in your shots, but lack the extra power that Teardrop and Elongated Teardrop rackets give.  There is also lower string area, meaning a smaller sweet spot.  

The small sweet spot can cause miss-hits initially, but you can easily get used to an open-throat racket within a few sessions, and you’ll be hitting the ball cleanly.

Elongated Teardrop

​(used mostly in Prince rackets)

Elongated Teardrop

This head shape gives the most power and the biggest sweet spot.  With Elongated Teardrop rackets, you’ll notice a big boost in power over more traditional Open Throat ones.  However, this comes with a noticeable drop in control, which makes it especially difficult to line up accurate drop shots.  

The extra power these rackets give make soft, touch shots difficult for beginners and even intermediate players.  A strong, flexible wrist is needed to compensate for this, which is something only advanced players will have developed. 

Squash Racket Balance

​Squash racket balance ​​is ​​determined by which end of the racket is ​heavier​.  The categories of balance are:

  • Head light – the head is lighter than the shaft
  • Head heavy – the head is heavier than the shaft
  • Even – an equal balance​​

​You can test what the balance is by ​finding the midpoint and ​balancing ​your index finger on it, to see which end is heavier.  Note that you’ll need to do this with your racket unstrung and with no grip to get an accurate balance.

The categories that squash rackets will fall into are:

​Squash Racket Balance measured in mm

​Squash racket balance will usually be advertised in millimeters, or mm.  This is the point of equal balance, as measured from the bottom.

For example, a balance of 360mm, means if you measure out 360 millimeters from the bottom, that is the point of equal balance.  Take note if that point is more towards the bottom or top of the squash racket, and you have your answer of head light, head heavy, or even.

Finding the balance point of a squash racket

What balance should you use?

Think of balance as adding or removing a few grams from your racket weight, even though this isn’t what’s actually happening. 

However, since it’s the head that’s moving through the ball, a head light one will feel significantly lighter, and likewise a head heavy one will feel much heavier.

I personally find head light rackets feel better, whereas head heavy ones feel sluggish.  You don’t want a buy an expensive, light one, and have it feel heavy because of the balance!

Opt for head light when you can, or at worse go for an even balance.

Benefits of Playing Squash

Squash has been recognized and as one of the top health and fitness sport. Take a look at these few health benefits of playing squash regularly:

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Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Since squash requires you to observe the ball closely and then adjust your movements so as to hit your target, you end up improving your hand-eye coordination as well. This way, you improve your accuracy and achieve finesse in your movement which can later benefit you in other sports or activities as well.

Improves Agility and Flexibility

One of the major advantages of playing squash is that it makes you more flexible and agile. As you constantly move to hit the squash ball, your muscles and joints get stretched appropriately. Plus, in order to win at this game, you have to be quick on your feet so you have to leap, sprint, jump, etc. quite quickly.

As a result, you become nimbler and more flexible as you play squash regularly and see those changes in your normal day-to-day life too.

Squash Racket

Better Concentration

Another great advantage of playing squash is that it helps you in concentrating which can be useful in your work or studies. When you start playing squash, your entire focus is on the ball and where it hits and moves so that you are ready and in position to hit it back.

That’s not all, you also have to keep an eye on the movement of your opponent to understand their next move so that you are ready for this. In the game, you don’t have time to get distracted because you can easily miss the ball then. 

Reduces Stress

Squash is also a great stress reliever and can work wonders for you after a stressful and demanding workday. If you are angry or frustrated about any aspect of your life, squash is a great way to get rid of those feelings as you can hit the ball as hard as you can to relieve yourself. As you use up all the negative energy in the form of physical energy in squash, you are left feeling extremely satisfied and calm.

Great Cardiovascular Exercise

Finally, squash can act as a great cardiovascular workout as well since it has you running, jumping, leaping, etc. for the ball. So, you will find your heart rate up when you are occupied in an intense game of squash.

This will, in turn, make your muscles stronger because more blood will get pumped to your brain and the rest of the body parts. You also improve your endurance and stamina with more oxygen being supplied to your muscles.


Summarily, for me, I would pick the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 racquet as a winner in this tightly contested race for the best squash racquet. 

This is because this racquet features a lot of innovations and holds a lot of advantages that are sure to improve almost any player’s game. I observed that the tight string pattern this racquet provides players with ensures they can maintain an excellent level of precision. 

The sweet spot it features is large and very forgiving as well. The handling is another ballgame entirely too as you are sure of releasing the ball with a lot of power while also offering superb and accurate shots.

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