10 Best Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse makes the use of computer much more comfortable compared to a wired mouse. A mouse cord can limit a users’ hand movement.

With so many of us working from home because of the coronavirus, you could probably use something to make your day run a little smoother. And anyone who spends a large portion of their day working in front of a computer can tell you how the right mouse makes a big difference in their productivity. 


Choosing a wireless mouse, however, can be confusing. There are so many decisions to make. A Bluetooth mouse or a mouse with a USB port? A mouse with batteries or a charger? It can be stressful to choose the one right for you.

Types Of Wireless Mouse

Optical Mice 

It is one of the oldest and most standard versions of a wireless mouse. Although there are many versions, the optical mouse has been proven to be the best to date — the optical mouse functions with the help of Infrared technology.

Bright red light can be seen glowing upside-down of it, which helps in the working of it. The movement of the mouse is observed by the infrared sensor, which makes the cursor move on the screen.

RF Technology Mice

There are also some mice that work with the help of Radiofrequency technology for successful communication with the computer. The two main components housed inside it are transmitter and receiver.The transmitter is that is fitted inside the mouse sends radio signals that help in encoding the exact movement of your mouse and the clicks. Another important component is the receiver, and that is responsible for decoding the details received by the transmitter and passing those to your operating system and the mouse’s software, for further action to be taken.

The mouse, which runs on infrared technologies, has many restrictions as it needs a clear line of sight. While in RF technology, it can also work through barriers such as the desk and the monitor. Also, these are inexpensive, can work with the help of batteries, and are very lightweight.

Pair the transmitter and the receiver in the right way so that there is no interference. Both these components must operate at a similar frequency with a common operational code.

Bluetooth Mice 

Another technology with which the mouse works is a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth wirelessly connects peripherals such as a computer to wireless mice, and the range of its operation is 33 feet (10 meters).

Bluetooth works in the range of 2.4GHz of RF technology. Every laptop or a computer has Bluetooth connection, and all you need to do is pair the device with the mouse to start using.

Top 10 Best Wireless Mouse to Buy

All right. Now, we will take a look at the top 10 wireless mouse. We are listing different types so you can find the one that matches your needs!

1. Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless Mouse

Mouse That Fits in Your Pocket


Features :-

This award-winning wireless mouse by Microsoft will blow your mind. In use, it curves for your palm to fit with ease and comfort. And when you are done, you can flatten it out so that you can slip it into your pocket or bag.

This is a bit big for a small hand and expensive. But it has high sensitivity and works well even on textured surfaces like wood and carpet. If you are on business tour and required to do a presentation, then don’t be worry about the surface you will be using on. It is used with a USB port.

2. Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850

Friendly Design for Many


Features :-

This Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1850 is ambidextrous design so that it fits both left and right hands. And its compact size can be friendly to almost anybody’s hand.

Many people commented on durability and lightness. It is perfect for taking it outside the office environment. One thing to note is, its clicking sound is on the louder side than other products.

It requires one AA battery. It is connected with a USB receiver, so make sure you have enough USB ports to spare. This moderately priced mouse is perfect for a variety of basic computer navigation.

3. Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless Mobile Mouse

A Mouse for Any Use and Anywhere


Features :-

This very popular Logitech wireless mouse does not betray its name “Anywhere 2”. It can track anywhere, even on glass and highly reflective materials.

One of the main attraction to this mouse, is dual connectivity. You can either use sensor connection or Bluetooth connection. Another pro for this item is it can connect up to three different devices. It is perfect for someone with multiple work devices.

Yes, this mouse is not cheap at all. But, it comes with so many features like extra buttons to customize to your needs. If you need a versatile and highly functional mouse, this might be your choice.

4. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001)

Ergonomic Mouse in Your Palm


Features :-

This ergonomic mouse by Microsoft is perfect for someone who uses a mouse heavily. It is designed so that your wrist comfortably sits on it, reducing the risk of pain and injuries due to repetitive motions.

It requires 2 AA batteries. It also offers features like four-way scrolls and a back button for faster navigation. And the window button on top provides an access to the Start screen. Anyway, you look at it, it is a must-have if you use your mouse professionally at home.

5. HP X3500 Wireless Optical Mouse

Simple and Inexpensive


Features :-

This HP X3500 wireless optical mouse that connects with sensor has three DPI settings 1000/1200/1600. It is enough sensitivity for a variety of tasks from browsing the Internet to simple gaming.

“Cheap and easy settings” are the theme of positive reviews. This means it is user-friendly, and won’t be intimidating even if you are not a computer wizard.

A couple of things to note. It is fairly light and could be a bit big for a small handed person. Make sure to compare the size of your current mouse. It is 1 AA battery-operated and it will last up to a year.

6. TeckNet M003 Pro 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless Mobile Optical Mouse

Stylish and Functional


Features :-

This stylish ergonomic wireless mouse from TechNet has special 6 button design with comfort-grip side zones. It has a tiny Nano receiver which means just plug & play so there’s no software to install.

In addition, this mouse has a Tru-Wave motion sensor, so you can use on almost any surface including reflective or transparent surfaces such as glass. Also, it is small in size so very suitable for the traveler. It comes at very affordable price.

7. Lenovo N700 Wireless/Bluetooth Mouse with Laser Pointer

Portable and Elegant


Features :-

If your work requires giving presentations often, this might be the product for you. This Bluetooth mouse has a dual mode and switches to a curved mouse to a presentation pointer by twisting to either mode.

It also has dual connectivity. You can either use Bluetooth or a USB port that comes inside of the mouse. This will allow you to connect the mouse flexibly depending on the environment you are using it. Light, thin and portable with a laser pointer, this is the mouse to use if you are traveling a lot.

8. Logitech M187 Wireless Mini Mouse

Small Hand? No Problem


Features :-

This product came in #3 on our list not only because it is affordable, but also its unique smallness. This pocket-size wireless mouse sure will fit in your palm and great for children who are learning to use the computer as well.

It is a USB port and required 1 AAA battery (pre-installed) and 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee and full product support. This is best recommended for a traveler that allows you to travel lightly and could even fit into a handbag.

9. GoFree Tech GFT-M001 Wireless Optical Mouse

Affordable Mouse with Many Features


Features :-

This surprisingly inexpensive optical mouse with IR light tracing technology which works on any surface. The energy saving with low power indicator means automatically turns off if it not used for 10 minutes. So, this mouse is highly recommended for heavy users.

In addition, this mouse has an operating range of 10 m as well as three switchable DPI settings: 800/1200/1600. If you are not a heavy computer/mouse user but tired of having a wired mouse, this affordable mouse can be the starting wireless mouse for you.

10. Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse

Top Selling and Top Quality


Features :-

This top-selling wireless mouse from Logitech is a reliable companion to computer devices. The soft side grips and a comfortable shape make you feel good, even after long hours of use.

This Logitech mouse is just amazing and very smooth to control. It works on glass and tile surfaces as well. Other features are operating distance is up to 10 meters, the clicking sound is on the quiet side. And oh, did I mention? It is pretty cheap!


So, how was it? We have introduced our top 10 choices in wireless mice. Each one has its own unique qualities and specifications. Everybody has different needs from a mouse, but main buying priorities should center around comfort and efficiency. It is not easy to choose the perfect one, but you might want to start with this article. Good luck! Happy Shopping!

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