20 Durable HAIR BRUSHES – Comb Your Healthy Hair Daily

Hair Brushes

Hair Brushes

Combing of hair is a tradition which we follow daily, including in our routine.There is a scientific reason though that, if we comb our hair often the circulation of blood in our head will be good which will help hair to grow.

But, Are you using correct hair brush for your hair? For your perfect hairstyle, Are you using a right brush? Choosing a right brush for the job of combing can be little overwhelming.

Some brushes are best for dry hair while some others work best for wet hair.You also have to consider the bristles.Some brushes have synthetic bristles which are good for drying hair quickly, creating bouncy or detangling.Boar bristles are best for creating a smooth, shiny look.

When you find the right hair brush, it can ease the styling process, whether you are blow drying, straightening, smoothing or detangling.

Below I have provided the hair brushes which will help you to make you own hair style and for combing of hair :-

Paddle Brush

If you want to detangle your thick, wet hair, than this is a good pick for you. Detangle your hair, starting with the ends of the hair and working your way to the roots.They also help in grooming, straightening, smoothing and adding shine to your hair.

Wooden Paddle Brush

AGARO Wooden Paddle Hair Brush

Vega Premium Collection Wooden Paddle Hair Brush

Plastic Paddle Brush

GUBB USA Paddle Plastic Brush

Vega Paddle Brush

Ceramic Round Brush

If you want big curls, than you choose this brush.It actually molds the hair into a shiny and bouncy curl.

Brushman Round Boar Bristles Hot Curls Brush

Roots Hair Brushes Ceramic Barrel Brush

Round Brush

A round brush creates a wavier style with more lift at the roots, delivers smooth bounce and soft definition.

Vega Wooden Round Brush

AGARO Classic Round Hair Brush

Vega Round Brush

Vent Brush

This brush allows air from the blow dryer to pass right through it, which speeds up your blow dry time.

Gubb USA Vent Hair Brush

 Vent Brushes With Ball Tipped Bristles

Denman Large Tunnel Vent

Teasing Brush

It is one of the biggest hair tends of the year, so get this tool if you are ready to add lots of volume.But lengthy hair is not all this handy teasing brush can do- if you have thin locks that you wish could look thicker

Beauté Secrets Professional Teaser Hair Brush

Roots Professional Teaser Hair Brush

Denman Teasing Hair Brush

Flat Hair Brush

Vega Mini Flat Brush

AGARO Delight Flat Hair Brush

Denman Styling Hair Brush

Rat Tail Comb

Love to add drama to your hairstyle? This skinny tool creates the best statement hair part with a tail comb. you can create a severe center , dramatic deep side, or even zig zag part.

Denman Steel Pin Tail Comb

Vega Tail Comb

Tips to comb your hair properly-

  • Don’t Brush Your Hair More than Necessary
  • If You Have Curly Hair, Use Your Fingers or a Paddle Brush While Your Hair is Wet
  • Avoid brushing wavy or curly hair once it’s dry..
  • For Curly or Wavy Hair, Use a Paddle Brush Followed by a Round Brush While Blow drying
  • If You Have Slightly Wavy or Straight Hair, Brush It While It’s Wet or Dry

Another pro tip: make sure you clean your brush periodically. A dirty brush filled with hair, built up product and oil is a breeding ground for bacteria which can also be bad for your hair. Think dull color and no shine. Luckily, detangling brushes are easy to clean with a mixture of baking soda and warm water. Try to get in the habit of cleaning your brush at least once a month.

So, choose the right hair brush to make your hair more healthy and to do best styling for your hair.

So there you go. An easy answer for a great question. Keep your questions coming…we love answering them!

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