21 Innovative Kitchen Gadgets that makes your love visible

Ah!what is in my kitchen that saves my time for food preparation? yeahh…they are Kitchen Gadgets! There are so many items (Kitchen Gadgets) out there that make cooking easier.  I’m most comfortable in my kitchen. I love to cook and putter and find all kinds of new things to learn and do and do well. I read cookbooks like they are romance novels and menu planning is daydreaming to me!

I love cooking and baking. My kitchen is pretty rockin’ if I do say so myself. Kitchen gadgets make my heart happy.

Cooking with love provide food for the soul

These Unique Cooking Gadgets Will Turn You Into a Master Chef

Use the kitchen Gadgets in a right way and you can get delicious food, cooked faster than a professional chef. If not, then at least cooking, baking, toasting, slicing, dicing and barbecue-ing will sound like a lot more fun now.

The list of Kitchen Gadgets has something for everyone, but if you know of more time- and effort-saving tools and gadgets you can use in the kitchen, tell us in the comments box below.

Kitchen Gadgets- way to simplify your work

Banana Slicer

Great for making fun and healthy bite-sized snacks for the little ones.


  • The easy-to-use Banana Slicer provides a quick solution to slice a banana uniformly each and every time.
  • Simply press the slicer on a peeled banana and the work is done. Safe, fun and easy for children to use.
  • Kids just love eating bananas with this as their favorite kitchen tool.
  • The Banana Slicer may also be used as a quick way to add healthy bananas to breakfast cereal or to make uniform slices for a fruit salad or ice cream dessert.
  • Material – Plastic, Color – Yellow

Egg Molds

Traditional Style of cooking eggs bored your kids? Let’s mold them into something else. This is really an Important kitchen gadget for me and gives immense smile to kids.


  • Good for Pancakes, Egg Omelets, Egg Fry or Making Egg Recipes.
  • Design may vary.
  • It Can Be Put On Gas Stove, Induction Stoves, And Electric Hot Plates As Well. Not Only Saving Time and Money but Also Cooking Eggs Faster. It Is Great For Home Or Restaurant Use.
  • Available in 5 different eye catching designs – Loved by Kids
  • Non Stick Surface with Fine Workmanship.
  • Small Size and Light Weight, Convenient To Carry and Use.

Pineapple Slicer

Pineapples are a pain to peel unless you have this handy corkscrew-like gadget.


  • It works like a corkscrew, removing the flesh in perfectly formed rings
  • Color: Assorted, Material: Stainless steel
  • Just cut off the top push in the cutter and twist,One turn, one slice, or the whole pineapple in one go
  • Slicer will peel, core and slice a fresh pineapple in just 20 to 30 seconds
  • Package Include: 1 Pineapple Cutter and Fruit Peeler Slicer

Hand Juicer

This hand juicer saves your precious time and valuable effort.


  • Made from high quality, food grade stainless steel and plastic (ABS material)
  • Ideal for making juices from mausambi, orange, watermelon, pomegranate, grapes, spinach, etc.
  • Vacuum fitting base to keep the juicer stable and prevent accidental spillage
  • Comes with a masher to push the fruits from the top and a glass to collect the juice
  • Easily detachable parts for convenient cleaning
  • Non fragile material that can handle daily usage
  • No sharp edges ensuring easy and safe handling
  • Compact design making it portable and easy to store
  • Weight: 810g 

Strawberry Stem Remover

This will probably be helpful for bakers who use a lot of strawberries in their cakes. Mmm… strawberries.


  • Material: ABS + stainless steel
  • Edged length: 20mm
  • Total length: 9.0cm

Garlic peeler

If you aren’t a fan of smashing your garlic cloves, preferring them whole, this little baby can help you peel the whole garlic in half the time


  • Perfectly minced garlic in seconds head circling garlic cutter with no-touch garlic peeler
  • Colour: White
  • Great for fresh pasta, garlic bread, veggies, meats, salads and more
  • No mess and hands won’t smell, quick and easy to use
  • Easy to clean, not easily deformed, reusable package includes: 1 garlic cutter master + 1 no-touch peeler

Herb Scissors

A handy gadget to get your herbs chopped up fine, quick and easy

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  • Stainless blade and plastic handle, used in kitchen for cutting leafy vegetables.
  • Size:21cm X 8.5cm
  • If you need to prepare shredding ribbons, it is also a good helper.
  • Of course, used to cut scallions is good too.
  • Clean comb can clean the residue in the cut piece.

Egg cracker with separator

Yeah, I hate having egg shells in my omelettes too. This will be a great addition to the kitchen.


  • Egg Cracker Handheld White Yolk Separator Kitchen Gadget Tools Crafted with excellence
  • Egg Cracker pushes the egg down onto these blades to crack it

Avocado Slicer

 Split them, pit them and slice them up good with this perfect avocado slicer.


  • All in one tool splits,pits and slices avocados safely and effectively.
  • Slicer removes fruit from skin in perfectly even slices
  • Pitter removes pit with a safe and easy twisting motion.
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe.

Corn Kerneler


  • Corn stripper adopted concave and convex design, bottom groove design and sharp stainless steel blade design.
  • easy to slide even when your hand is wetting, stripping corns easier and faster
  • Durable stainless steel blades effortlessly strip kernels in seconds
  • Corn stripper cob remover is made with ABS body and stainless steel blade, strong hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, more durable use
  • Corn peeler can peel two corn cobs in just one minute, no repairing, no electricity required
  • Save your time and effort in cooking

Garlic Crusher

Hate getting out the chopping board and knives just to crush a peel of garlic? Now, you don’t have to anymore.


  • Designed with comfortable handle which makes squeezing garlic or ginger easier & faster.
  • Unlike conventional garlic crusher, use new garlic rocker with a slight back and forth rocking to crush or mince garlic easily & faster.
  • Garlic is collected on the surface of the rocking garlic press , no extra dishes to clean. Compact size, portable and easy to store.
  • The Garlic Press is very durable, corrosion-resistant and will not rust nor break.
  • It’s made with perfect size and weight, with a length just 3.94″, a width of 2.75″ and weight only 106 g.

Garlic Chopper

No more getting your hands dirty with this garlic chopper.


  • Material: Plastic; Color: Green, Finish : Brushed
  • Package contents: 1-Piece plastic Vegetable Crusher
  • Easy manual Operation, handy and comfortable to use with Good grip
  • Innovative compact design & fresh new aesthetics
  • Care Instructions: After use wash to keep the shine for longer

Cake Decorating Pen

Bring out the artist in you and decorate your cakes like a pro.


  • A fun decorating tool for both kids and adults. A great gift for holiday bakers – including yourself.
  • An easy-to-use tool for customizing cookies, cakes and other home-baked treats.
  • Material: Food Grade Plastic

BBQ Thermometer

Be the King of BBQ with a little help from this. It’s not cheating when everybody’s having a good time


  • -50 TO +300 DEGREE CELSIUS
  • POWER SUPPLY : 1.5V (LR44)*1
  • READING MAY BE + – 1

Plastic bag resealer


  • Perfect seal used parts of the food, keep food in freshness
  • Hand Held Sealing Machine
  • Made from ABS and metal material
  • Size: 10 x 4 x 5 cm
  • Provide protection against the tide, mould proof
  • Battery: 1.5v, 2 aa batteries, use only alkaline. (not included)
  • Pakage includes: 1x sealer machine

Spirelli Spiral Cutter

Julienne strips made easy with this spiral cutter. Great for kids who don’t like eating vegetables that look like vegetables.


  • Dual Stainless Steel Cutting Blades
  • Plastic Body.
  • Size: 14 cm x 7 cm
  • Color : Black

Roast Cutting Tongs

Who’s up for seconds?


Pizza Scissors Spatula

Mama mia, the only cutlery you need with a pizza diet.


  • Package Included : 1 x Pizza Cutter Scissor
  • Color : Multi
  • Size : 27.5 x 7.8 cm
  • Sharp Blade – Just slide the spatula tip under the pie and cut away.
  • Material : Stainless steel + Plastic

Pop-up Toaster


  • 8 browning settings for individual preference
  • Integrated bun rack for heating rolls, pastries or buns,2 large variable slots for different size of bread
  • High lift to safely take out smaller pieces
  • Extra auto shut-off protection,reheat, defrost in one go
  • Cancel button to stop toasting at any time
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz, Wattage: 830 W, Integrated cord storage,operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts
  • Includes: Pop-up toaster and Dust cover

Salt and Pepper Mill 

 Grind pepper and sea salt by flipping the gadget over. Instant salt and pepper!


  • Material: Stainless Steel + Glass
  • Smooth edges and refined design, will definitely add some elegance on your kitchen table.
  • These salt and pepper mills are really easy to refill
  • In addition, the clear glass body allows you to check the quantity of spices.
  • No logos to spoil the elegance of the shakers.
  • Perfect for All Types of Salts and Peppercorns
  • The high-quality adjustable ceramic rotor, with five grinding levels from coarse to fine, will help you grind your spices to perfection.

Perfect Portions Digital Scale 

Great for those who need to watch their diet for health reasons.


  • Kitchen Scale is Compact, portable and easy to use. It has tare (zero) function.
  • Capacity: 500g, 1000g, 3000g, 5000g.
  • Automatic zero resetting and automatic switch off in 3 seconds.
  • Low power, low battery and overload indicator.
  • Equipped with a High Precision Strain Gauge Sensor System

Today, PRACTICALLY SPEAKING is all about kitchen gadgets that are truly workhorses in my kitchen. These kitchen gadgets make my culinary life so much easier! 

Now, it’s your turn. What are your must-have kitchen gadgets!!!


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