“Whatever you do, don’t let the bad guys win!”- The Pepper Spray

pepper spray
pepper spray

Personal safety should be the first priority of any individual. One should be well aware of the concept of self defense and should also be able to spread awareness about it to the near and dear ones, especially children and women. You can also equip them with tools like self defence pepper spray.

There are different ways to protect ourselves from outside dangers. You can learn a defense technique or also learn to carry effective self defense tools like pepper spray, which when used correctly in needed situations can turn out to be life savers.  Pepper Spray offers self defence pepper spray that you can easily keep in your handbag. Use it if you genuinely feel a man is misbehaving or has malicious intentions.

Most of times, it is also about being self confident and fearless when out there at times when you should be a little more protected and safe from dangers. We aim at bringing the best self defense tools to companies and consumers world-wide.

Why use Pepper Sprays?

Pepper sprays have been an invaluable instrument of self-defense. It’s always beneficial to carry chilli spray cans especially if you have late night commutes all by yourself. You can keep it in your car too. Pepper spray inflames the mucous membranes of the attacker’s eyes, nose, throat and lungs. The attacker instantly closes the eyes and is temporarily blinded by the sudden onslaught. Attackers encounter breathing problems as this self defense spray is extremely pungent. The effects usually lasts 30 minutes or so, depending on its potency. But it’s in the first few seconds that you can make your escape to safety. It’s a great self-defense weapon because it immediately incapacitates your attacker, letting you to run for cover.

Pepper sprays are quite inexpensive, are worth the money, and are simple to operate too. Anybody who has used aerosols will know how to use them. They are convenient to carry easily in your purse, pocket or jacket. Pepper sprays come in different sizes and potency. You can enjoy safer morning walks, nightly jogging or hazardous commutes with confidence. This simple apparatus will allow you to deal with emergencies and violent acts with courage and determination-never let anyone get the better of you.


As you can see, pepper spray can be an invaluable self-defense tool for women. Here are seven reasons why you should keep pepper spray with you.


Sometimes women will be attacked by more than one person. Using a pepper spray allows you to fight back against all of them at once. Cone and fog pepper sprays are designed to spray at a wide range, some even spraying up to 20 feet.


Some self-defense tools might be hard to come by, and require training or a license to carry them, but not pepper spray. 

It is an affordable and accessible option for the woman who wants to feel protected without carrying a lethal weapon. Most pepper sprays will run around or under $15. 


When you’re carrying a self-defense tool, you want to make sure it’s light to carry so you can grab it when you need it. It fits the bill!

Most cans are small enough to carry in a bag or in your purse. However, you don’t want to be rummaging around for it before it’s too late. Before you head out alone, slip the pepper spray under your sleeve, so you’re prepared if need be. 

There’s a variety of ways pepper spray is concealed, and some even come with alarms for extra protection, clips, or as a key ring to make it easy to grab and use.


It is legal to purchase and carry in most states. But every state will have its stipulations and limitations. Check with your state’s law and make sure you abide by them to avoid any trouble. 


Pepper spray is considered nonlethal, though that doesn’t dimish its painful effects! Even though the victim may suffer tremendously, after the 30 minutes or more, the results have subsided with no permanent damage. 

As mentioned before, in rare cases, pepper spray can cause one to have complications. For example, people with asthma will have more trouble breathing and recovering than the average person. 


Because pepper spray is light and doesn’t require weeks of training, it’s simple to use. Using pepper spray requires very little training. Just point and spray, and in some cases merely spraying it into the air is enough to cause a reaction.


As much as women try to stay together as a group for protection, sometimes it’s just not possible. A small can save your life if you become a target of attack. It truly can offer you peace of mind. 


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