Best Musical Instruments- Touch the Right Key at the right Time!

Music has been a part of our everyday living. From chirping of the birds to the soft howling of the wind, the world consists of sound that makes their own rhythms. As the music is all around us in different forms throughout the day, different people like different Musical instruments, and learn or experiment with those sounds accordingly.

Musical Instruments

Pick up the right beats!  

For any music to become popular, the thing that is must to have is hot beats. People won’t even listen to music if the beats are not catchy. However, while making a decision to choose the right beats it is equally important to select the right type of instrument for the song.  With the availability of hundreds of musical instruments, the vast majority can be placed into one of five categories, namely woodwind, brass, string, keyboard, and percussion. Let us know in deep about each type of these Musical instruments.   

String Instruments

This Musical instrument make a sound either by strumming or plucking the strings with fingers.

Popular String Instruments are Guitar, viola, violin, cello, mandolin, harp, double bass, and banjo are the most popular string instruments. Strings are made to vibrate by plucking in case of guitar & harp & for violins & cellos; the sound is made by gliding the bow across strings.    


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Double bass

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 Wood-wind Instruments

This class of musical instruments are played by blowing air into a specific wind instrument by following an order to ensure that the sound that you desire is produced.

Some of the most popular wind instruments are piccolo, flute, clarinet, bassoon, oboe, accordion, English horn, and harmonica.


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English horn

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Brass Instruments

These instruments work in similar way to wind instruments with just a few modifications. Brass instruments take their name from the material most often used to make them.

Examples of the brass instruments are Saxophone, trumpets and French horn are common.


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Percussion Instruments

Percussion instruments are referred to those types of instruments which produce sound by being struck, shaken, rubbed, and scraped with an implement, or by any other action which sets the object into vibration. Basically divided in two categories

  • The first type of instruments produce a definite pitch or a series of different pitches,

Examples of which are – xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, tubular bells and timpani or kettle drum.


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  • The second type of percussion instruments produces the indefinite pitch,

Examples of which are triangle, castanets, rattle, cymbals, tambourine, anvil and gong. 


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Keyboard Instruments

These instruments refer to those one which produce music by playing on a musical keyboard. These are extremely versatile instrument which are played solo as well as a part of ensemble.

Most popular examples of electronic instruments are Piano keyboards, synthesizers, rhythm machines, octopads and samplers.

Piano keyboards

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Today, learning how to play music is easier than you think.

Music is the most beautiful form of art and is communicated through variety of musical instruments producing sounds, rhythms, and tones. So, pick up the right instrument & get the perfect sound that you desire.

Buying Musical Instruments online

Buying an instrument online has it perks as there are plenty of new and used instruments so you can find a cheaper deal and it will be delivered right to your door. However there are precautions that need to be taken as you can’t see or feel the instrument before you buy it and can’t assess what condition it is in.

If you decide to buy online, look into return and exchange policies of the website or company in case of damage. If it’s a website like Amazon or eBay, ask all your questions first before you pay the seller and check their references. Another way to proceed would be to ask them to meet up to try the instrument first, if it’s possible in terms of distance.

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