10 Impressive Reasons why Menstrual Cups are best!

Menstrual cups, yes! This little silicone funnel looking thing that you probably saw at some point scrolling down your Facebook feed. You may have raised an eyebrow wondering what the hell it is or have you already have been #culverted? Yes there’s a word for it now. Does the idea of collecting your flow in a cup gross you out? Then likely collecting it in a cotton vagina plug or slab of adult diaper does, too. So I suggest you keep on reading, you can thank me later 🙂

1. Easy and comfortable

The concept is simple, insert the cup in your vagina, remove it, wash it and reuse. Easy peasy once you get the hang of inserting it correctly. . You won’t even notice it’s in there. After use just rinse with neutral intimate soap and warm water and then boil at the end of your period. You can also use sterilising tablets and tupperware.

2. Waste free period

A menstrual cup will last you up years. Compare that to all the pads and tampons you’d use during that same time. They sum up to about a 325 pieces thrown out per woman per year in the world…Pretty gross, right? All that could be easily avoided if every woman used a menstrual cup. Who wants to see bloody pads on the beach? I know I don’t. Read some numbers about waste produced by disposables.

3. They hold more blood

A regular tampon holds between 9 and 12 grams of liquid. Menstrual cups hold almost five times that amount, capable of up to 40ml+. You can compare capacity of Cup VS tampon here. This makes life a lot more easier. For ladies with a heavier flow, you’ll want to check out cups with bigger capacity on this comparison cup table.

4. Your cycle will seem shorter

When I was using tampons I was changing it about every 4h for safety reasons and also because it would saturate on heavier days and cause leaks. With the cup I empty it in my morning shower and I do the same in the evening. I can just forget about it all day. Empty your cup every 8-12 hours, instead of 4-6 hours like you would/should with a pad or tampon. That’s double the time so 4-5 days of periods suddenly feels a lot shorter.

5. Bye bye leaks

The problem with a tampon or a pad is that when it reaches full saturation it doesn’t absorb anymore and you will leak. When a menstrual cup is fitted properly into the vagina, there should not be any leaks from it. A cup will take much longer to fill since it’s got a much bigger capacity. Have a look at this table Tampons VS Cups. If you are experiencing leaks with a with a cup, then it’s most likely not inserted properly, the sizing or the shape of the cup is not right for you.

6. No bad smell

You all know what I am talking about, that distinct nasty odor associated with having your period. When you use pads or tampons, they are exposed to air which causes the natural oxidation. But with menstrual cups, the seal prevents blood from being exposed to air, it all happens inside. You will feel a lot cleaner and not have the usual dampness feeling that comes with pads or the tampon’s string sticking out..

7. Save lots of money.

Menstrual cups cost as little as 15€+ depending on the menstrual cup brand and will last you for many years. Disposable pads or tampons will cost you a minimum of 5€ and will only last you a month. So a cup pays for itself pretty fast. Calculate your savings using a cup versus tampons or pads.

8. Buy it once & forget about it.

You’ll never have to walk around with some toilet paper in your panties because you ran out of tampons nor having to beg random women in public toilet asking if they have a spare a tampon. The few times a woman asks me I just apologize that I cannot hand them my cup and I hand them my business card instead 🙂 

9. You can sleep naked

Yup, no more stained bedsheets. When you got the right cup there’s no leaks. You can sleep in all kind of positions without feeling like an incontinent grandma. It was a great plus for me when I first discovered the cup cause I love sleeping naked. It is unsafe to keep a tampon all night and I don’t know what it is with me and pads but blood always runs on the side when I am laying down. It’s bloody uncomfortable (and unsexy). With a cup you can sleep safely all night without worrying about TSS.

10. No strings attached…

Tampon strings have the pesky, gross habit of getting soaked in pee. If you’re in a public sauna, or showering at the swimming pool or fooling around with your parner. No worries! Menstrual cups fit entirely inside your body with nothing hanging out.


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