Handbags; A Perfect Outing Partner

Handbags! Handbags are more than just an accessory to carry your keys, wallet, and other necessities. They’re the ultimate combination of function and fashion, perfectly blending utility with sophistication and style. With so many styles of handbags to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which best fits your lifestyle and needs.

There are different kinds of handbags for different occasions, whether you’re taking a trip to the beach, heading to the gym, or getting ready for a night out. Not sure which kind of handbag to carry for your next outing? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Here, we’ll explore the various types of handbags, so you can easily decide which are must-haves for your closet.

Styles of Handbags

The Tote Bag



  • Square or rectangular shape.
  • Known as “the shopper’s bag”
  • Perfect for carrying several items

This is a large rectangular handbag with two straps and an open top. Arguably one of the most stylish handbags this season, the medium to large sized handbag is great for brunch with the girls. This style is sometimes referred to as the “shopper’s bag” because it can hold several items at once. A canvas tote is ideal for a day at the beach, while a leather tote is more appropriate for the office.

The Bucket Bag



  • Structured bottom with a slouchy body
  • Drawstring closure
  • Spacious interior, with plenty of room for extra carrying

Just like the name implies, the bucket bag is spacious enough for all of your belongings. This bag shape is known for having a structured bottom, a slouchy body, and a drawstring closure. Its unique design allows ample room for larger items, like a pair of sandals or a lunch bag. If you’re an on-the-go kind of gal, a bucket bag is ideal for you!

The Satchel



  • Worn by men & women alike
  • Buckles & clasps for closure
  • Cross body straps for easy carrying
  • Ideal for carrying books & laptops

The satchel is known for its versatility. It’s one of the few types of bags for men and women alike. They’re usually larger in size, satchels are great for carrying a laptop, books, or other heavy items. Surely you’ve heard of the Hermès Birkin bag, one of the most recognized satchel bags. The brand’s iconic design is known to be a favorite of famous fashionistas like Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham.

The Hobo Bag



  • Crescent shape with short and shoulder strap
  • No structure to the bag’s body
  • Spacious interior for carrying all the necessities

Remember when you were a child, and your favorite cartoon character would carry around a bindle sack tied to a hobo stick? Interestingly enough, this was the inspiration for the design of the modern hobo bag. Usually crescent shaped with a short shoulder strap, hobo bag purses are great for casual, everyday wear. Its unstructured design gives the hobo bag a distinct, relaxed look without compromising space. Its roomy interior can easily carry the essentials.

The Duffel Bag



  • Aka “the weekender” bag
  • Cylindrical shape with two top handles
  • Great for packing for short getaways

Gearing up for a weekend getaway with friends? We have the perfect bag for you! The duffel bag is a must-have when packing for short trips, and is aptly nicknamed “the weekender” bag. Duffel bags can be recognized by their horizontal, cylindrical shape, top zipper, and two top handles. To ensure durability for travel, duffel bags are usually made from quality, weatherproof materials. Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Prada have created designer duffel bags for the ultra-chic jet-setter.

The Backpack Purse



  • Convenient & hands-free
  • Typically has a few different sized pockets
  • Great for on the go fashionistas

When you think of the various types of  bags for school, backpacks are likely the first thing that comes to mind. If you’re an active go-getter, a backpack purse is perfectly suited for you. The convenient, hands-free design of a backpack makes carrying your valuables comfortable and easy. Great for a day trip to an amusement park or museum, a backpack purse guarantees you’ll have room for water, sunscreen, and even a souvenir or two.

The Saddle Bag



  • Round shape with cross-body strap & fold over flap
  • Generally fashioned from leather
  • Used by equestrians for carrying necessities while riding

As its name indicates, the saddle bag was once an accessory used by equestrians to carry important items while riding. These bags attached directly to the horse’s saddle for quick and easy accessibility. Contemporary designs haven’t changed much, and key features like its round shape, cross body strap, and fold over flap are still signatures of the saddle bag. True to its equestrian roots, the saddle bag is almost exclusively fashioned from leather.

The Messenger Bag



  • First used by mail carriers & bike messengers
  • Worn mainly for its utility
  • Makes for the perfect book bag, ideal for scholars

The messenger bag is a classic, sensible handbag that was first used by mail carriers and bike messengers, most of which were actually men. Messenger purses are primarily worn for their utility, and are great for scholars and executives alike. The thin, wide construction of a messenger bag allows ample space for a notebook or laptop. The cross body strap helps balance the weight of these types of heavier items.

The Frame Bag



  • Has a unique vintage appeal
  • Features a metal frame with “kissing” look closure
  • Bag’s structure is otherwise relaxed

Searching for a handbag with a vintage inspired appeal? Reminiscent of the coin purse your grandmother likely carried in the 20’s or 30’s, frame bags are a romantic nod to designs from the past. Defining features of frame bags include a rectangular or trapezoid shape, a metal frame, and a kissing lock closure. Two round, metal balls snap together, or “kiss.” The structure of frame bags is slightly relaxed, but the metal frame helps the handbag maintain its shape. Pair with a strand of pearls and red lipstick for a truly classic look.

The Baguette Bag



  • Popularized in the 1990’s by Fendi
  • Small strap to be worn on shoulder or wrist
  • Too small to carry large items, ideal for just the essentials

The baguette bag was arguably the most popular style of handbag in the late 1990’s. Fendi created the first baguette bag in 1997, and it wasn’t long before it became one of the trendiest designs of the decade. with a small strap that can be worn either on your wrist or shoulder. Wear for a night out with friends or a romantic date night for an extra touch of femininity.

The Clutch



  • Petite handbag used to carry small items
  • Usually paired with dressier attire
  • Enjoy a night out without feeling weighed down

Have you ever made the mistake of lugging your large handbag to a wedding or night on the town? If so, you know how cumbersome it can be to try to dance, drink, and celebrate while carrying what feels like a bowling bag. Thankfully, this problem is easily solved by wearing a clutch instead. The clutch is a petite handbag that can be used to carry smaller items like your favorite lipstick. Their lightweight design guarantees you’ll never feel weighed down while trying to enjoy yourself.

The Minaudière



  • Variation of the clutch
  • Usually worn for black-tie events
  • Often include beads, crystals, sequins, and other embellishments

The minaudière bag is a variation of the clutch, designed specifically to wear to formal, black tie events. These small, structured purses are usually fashioned with beads, crystals, or sequins for an extra glamorous look. A minaudière bag is the perfect accessory to take your look to the next level.

The Beach bag



You need a bag for your vacation, period. Buy a jute or a straw basket bag – it is both waterproof and stylish, plus it can fit in all your stuff when you decide to take a dip in the ocean.

The Wallet



Wallet, or a purse as some call it, is an essential part of a girl’s handbag; and if you ask me, is quite personal to each of us. You can make quite a statement with this, so pick up something accordingly.

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