Baking makes you feel like home!

Baking, baking, baking, isn’t it fun? Once you get used to using baking molds for baking and cooking, you won’t even remember how it was before you had them. Few hobbies relax the mind and soothe the hungry soul in quite the way that baking does. Baking molds come in many shapes and sizes which makes the whole process of baking a lot more interesting and fun. Although they appeared quite recently, people found a lot of creative ways to put them to good use.

If you’re tired of constantly washing greasy pans, using baking molds instead can be the solution you’ve been looking for! Baking with Baking molds is becoming more and more popular, with so many chefs including them in their cooking.

It’s cute, it’s practical, it’s easy! Using baking molds in your household is really great because they are easy to use, wash and stack. Make your pick! 

Baking may be regarded as science but it’s a chemistry between the ingredient and the cook that gives desserts life.

Bakeware Sets

Every Bakeware material possesses its own particular advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminum, Copper and Tin

very good conductors of is prone to rusting and may react with foods containing acids.
you will be able to prepare your food quickly at temperatures that are not so high.It gives them a metallic taste.

It is a good idea to look for anodized aluminum. It is harder and more durable than ordinary aluminum; it’s more scratch resistant; and it doesn’t rust or react with foods.

Copper, in spite of being quite expensive, may also react with foods such as those mentioned above, and may also be seen in a combination with other metals.

They warm up slowly in the ovenIt is heavy
They cool slowly and will keep your food warm for a long time after you take it out of the oven. it may rust so it is a good idea to look for enameled cast iron, which is covered with porcelain enamel.
It also reduces the probability that the material will react with foods.

Silicone and ovenproof glass are multifunctional materials. For example, you can take them out of the fridge and immediately put them in the microwave. In addition, dishes made from these materials can be washed in the dishwasher.

Porcelain and ovenproof ceramic are durable, attractive, don’t absorb odors, and are easily cleaned. In addition, food in a ceramic dish is especially delicious. These materials possess qualities similar to silicone and ovenproof glass.

Baking Trays

A baker understands the significance of a quality baking tray for preparing dishes. A good baking tray can make all the difference for anyone in the pantry. The baking trays are perfect for baking cookies, swiss rolls, brownies and more.

Available in many sizes, check out the selection of baking trays online on Amazon. The baking trays are build of aluminium and will distribute heat for even baking. The baking tray is a simple item yet versatile, it is durable and easy to use. Order your baking trays online on Amazon.

Cake Molds

Cake molds are great to have on hand for baking birthday cakes, desserts and more. We have a wide array of cake molds in variety of shape and sizes, including round, square, rectangular and springform at great prices.

If you are the owner of a bakery, pastry shop, or home baker, you are aware of how important good quality cake molds are to the success of your baking treat.  

Chocolate Molds

chocolate moulds are great for making professional chocolate, the chocolate moulds are sourced from brands across the world. We offer huge assortment two materials, silicone chocolate mould and polycarbonate moulds in India.

These chocolate molds built to last a lifetime – they can last for years of Artisanal use and are durable enough to survive washing, and constant heating and cooling.

Cupcake and Muffin Molds

Muffins are the perfect substitute when you are craving a sweet indulgence, but don’t feel like waiting for a whole cake to bake. If you are organising a get-together, then cupcakes are also a great way to give all of your invitees a little sweet at end the party.

These muffin molds are perfect match for cupcakes, muffins and lots of other cup-sized baking treats. Available in multiple sizes, serving and materials, our selection of cupcake and muffin molds meets your every need. The best muffin molds are made with high-quality materials that won’t easily wear out over time. Non-stick muffin molds are popular because batter doesn’t stick to the sides and helps you take out the muffin easily after they’ve cooled down. 

Bread Molds

Now all you need to do is decided on the bread mold you would like to use for your bread baking, choose between platinum silicone mold and aluminium bread molds

Mini Desserts Molds

Baking your favorite dessert with the accurate mini dessert molds makes a difference, with mini dessert molds available on Amazon make delicious handmade Mini BrownieMolten Lava CakeMini Savarin or any other mini desserts, these mini dessert molds are easy to use, hygienic and durable.

Pie and Tart Molds

Our premium quality Pie and Tart molds deliver a thrilling and great baking experience. These molds are great for their easy storage and ease of use. Now make stunning desserts that suit your taste and set the theme of the special occasion.

Silicone Molds

  • Silicone molds had been very popular, mostly because they are -naturally non-stick,
  • Silicone molds  are light weighted,
  • Silicone molds are easy to clean
  • The Flexible material that is used , can be folded and stored in a compact space. 
  • Silicone molds are oven safe (upto 230 degrees), microwave safe and freezer safe, overall silicone molds can be a progressive addition to your baking collection, particularly if you are a passionate baker.

You might be a master chef or someone who simply loves to cook, either way, silicone molds should find a way into your kitchen.

Specialty Molds

As the name suggest specialty cake molds are perfect for birthday and special occasion cakes. Our specialty cake molds are available in baby pram, castle, crown, pirate ship, tractor, snowman to highlight a few, these cake molds would make every occasion extra special.

Now to bake a cake, you don’t need to stick to your standard square and circle cake molds, in its place have some fun with these attractive specialty cake molds. The cake molds are easy to use and eliminate the trouble of cutting and shaping your cake. It is commonly a good idea to oil and flour your specialty cake molds to help you get the cleanest release on your cake to preserve the original shape of the mold as much as possible. So now go ahead and invest in a series of specialty molds and try some new baking techniques.

11 Tools Can Help You Make the Prettiest Cakes

1. Cake pans

This is the key to make a beautiful cake. A professional cake pan has straight sides so will keep your cake straight when it is stacked and you do not need to carve down any edges.

2. Parchment paper

You will need parchment paper to place in the bottom of the cake pan so that your cake will release perfectly. As you flip over a cake have a piece of parchment paper to set it on as you topped off the cake and torte it. It also makes for easy cleanup.

3. A sharp knife or X-Acto blade

You will always need a knife to release your cake from his pans. Clean sharp knives are good when you work with fondant. They also can cut shapes and add detail.

4. Cake boards and drums

Each cake will need its own cake board as it gives stability and strength to a cake and holds it all together.

5. A spatula or bench scraper

To achieve that final coat these tools are helpful. You spread your buttercream icing with both of these tools and smooth it.

6. A Lazy Susan or turntable

These are used to decorate a cake. It’s almost impossible to do it without one of these.

7. Ice Piping

Use buttercream to pipe icing swirls on cupcakes, retro rosettes on cakes and to give cakes a ‘frosting’.

8. Powdered sugar or cornstarch

When using fondant you need to use powdered sugar or cornstarch to keep it from sticking.

9. Large or small fondant rollers

A good rolling pin can roll out fondant also. Just make sure if it has handles it may be too strong so choose one that is fairly long.

They also come in plastic or silicone and small or large. The small rollers are used for decorations and a large to cover an entire cake.

10. Fondant smoothers

These are helpful when you’re covering the entire cake as they release air bubbles from under the fondant. Two of these are extra beneficial.

11. Paintbrushes

Make sure you include these when you want to add water or sugar glue for your decorations. To create sugar glow you just need to add a small piece of fondant with water and doable and let it sit for 10 minutes. 

Factors to consider when selecting kitchen Bakeware

1. Thickness of the metal bakeware: select a dish that is made of heavy-gauge metal. Such a dish will bake your food evenly because it will resist dents and will deform less at high temperatures.

2. Nonstick coating for removing prepared food easily, especially food, the form of which must be preserved while serving. A nonstick coating also makes it easy to clean the dishes after use.

The nonstick coating of quality dishes may consist of several layers, making it strong, durable and scratch-resistant.

3. Dish color: light and shiny dishes will contribute to the even baking of your food because they don’t absorb and retain as much heat as dark dishes. As a whole, light dishes are most suitable for foods that don’t need much browning.

A dark dish with a matte finish will bake your food faster and is most suitable for foods that need a thicker crust. Usually, dishes with a nonstick coating are dark colored. Consider whether it wouldn’t be better to use a dish without such a coating for a particular meal, just covering it with some of the liners below.

4. Easily held: dishes with this characteristic may have nonslip silicone handles, which are not very hot after you take the dish out of the oven. The handles may also be extensions of the dish, etc.Also Read


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