STATIONERY – Things which we require on a daily basis

Personally, I love to collect stationery as they are very creative, is of different colors, innovative, and fun loving things.Actually they are emotions to me.

There is something when we purchase new pen or new notebook,firstly we decide which color pen we will buy, or we think that I only want creative type of notebook, also many colorful sticky notes etc.

The smell of a new notebook, ink pen, highlighter etc.The smell make us like we can achieve anything in this world.We could write lists, letter to loved ones, we can draw pictures or we can write memories.

Why we love stationery?

There are many reasons to discuss as all have there different emotions for the things.But we will discuss some of them here:-

New stationery is like a new start

New stationery gives a sense of new beginnings, hope and infinite potential.A blank page to be filled with dreams, aspirations and plans.It is safe place where my ideas are welcomed and encouraged!

It is an alternative to digital communication

We are constantly connected to everyone in this modern world.We can call to anyone in a second.But stationery is a real,tangible and tactile things,which give us a sense of nostalgia.They are the things which we send it or receive it.We can add our own stories and thinking to it.

Stationery puts power & control into your hands – literally!

What to write? When to write? These are two questions which kept running in our mind while writing something.So, you have your own thoughts,task and goal in your own handwriting at your own pace.

It makes us more organized and creative

To write your to-do list everyday and to write in a different writing like calligraphy, they make you think how creatively you can write and make anything which anyone can understand.

It helps us to express our true selves

One of the reasons we love stationery so much is that it is an easy, affordable way to express our style and personality.  Through our choice of colours, fonts, patterns and images, we can express a mood, emotion or sense of self inside an envelope.

What is it that YOU love about it?

So,now it’s time to discover some stationery:-


Notebook is a place where you can collect your thoughts and ideas, a place to record memories, a place to take risks and a place to play.

2- SCHOLARS KIT (Pencil,ruler,eraser and Sharpener)


This kit consist of apsara platinum pencil -pack of 10 pencils, apsara long point sharpener- 3 pieces, apsara Tidy 700 sharpener-1 piece,Apsara rub-a-long erasers-5 pieces,apsara non-dust jumbo eraser-1piece, Apsara 15 cm scale, apsara 12 shade wax crayon.

This consist of X-1 super dark pencils – pack of 10 pencil with cap which protect the pointed pencil, 1 sharpener, and 1 eraser.

3- PEN

  • Smooth and fast writing
  • Japanese waterproof ink
  • Comfortable grip
  • Stylish sculpted design
  • Soft tip gives soft and smooth writing
  • 0.7mm tip for fine writing, Strong and durable body
  • Elasto grip for comfortable writing
  • The product comes along with the Jar


  • 12-pack of chisel-tip highlighters for emphasizing info at school, home, or office
  • Molded chisel tip offers both broad highlighting and fine underlining
  • Assortment of super-bright fluorescent ink in yellow, pink, blue, green, orange, and purple
  • Pen-shaped design with narrow barrel offers a comfortable grip for reduced hand fatigue
  • Chisel tip for underlining and Highlighting
  • Water based fluorescent ink for better visibility
  • Available 5 Fluorescent colours ( Yellow, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue)
  • Non-Toxic


  • Stickiness that last
  • Removable and re-positionable
  • Available in vibrant colors
  • Value Added Flags from Post-it offer innovative ways to use flags to highlight and find information – fast and easy.
  • Choose from a range that includes Printed Message Flags and Arrow shape.


  • Use the Kangaroo stapler for official as well academic purposes and bind your important documents safely and completely. The stapler is made of stainless steel and is durable and strong.
  • This kit consist of 1 stapler, 1 stapler remover, pins for stapler, 1 cello tape cutter and 1 punching machine.


  • Color: White
  • Ideal for quality photocopying
  • Suitable for any job on office printer, inkjet and laser jet
  • Color Lock technology – Faster drying, bolder blacks, vivid colors


  • Paper Holding Clip
  • PACK INCLUDES: 12 Strong and long-lasting, reusable black binder clip, small size.
  • CLIP ORGANIZER: These binding clips is the perfect size to keep small notes, test papers, files, and lists together neat in one pile.
  • MEASURES: 1/4″ (1.2 cm.) wide. Great for home, school, and office use!
  • QUALITY: Made of High-end Premium quality, long lasting metal material. Strong and Durable binding clips with iron handles, handles can be hung, folded flat against clipped material, or removed for permanent binding.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Push Pin
  • DURABLE & WELL MADE : Made with premium quality materials our delightful push pins are created to withstand many years of use. They are made of stainless steel and hard plastic.
  • Easy to use and remove for home, office and school, Can be used with soft boards or message boards. Reusable tub pack provides handy desk top or drawer storage and YOUR FAVORITE COLORS FOR COLOR-CODED
  • CONVENIENCE : Use the bright, vivid colors in this attractive collection so you can “color code” your projects – or just make your office and home look bright and cheery! Kids love these colors. Grown-ups do, too!


  • Exclusive double system metal compass
  • Block the legs for maximum control and fold them for safety secure and compact storage, compass length 150 mm
  • Patented stop system concept- looks legs into position

Self centering compass, set square 45 degree, protractor 180 degree, pencil, divider, set square 60 degree, eraser, sharpener, scale 15 cm and pen pencil.


  • Synthetic, white adhesive
  • Non-toxic and hygienic
  • Convenient pack sizes to meet difeerent quantity requirements, thereby avoiding wastage
  • Bonds paper, cardboard, thermocol, fabrics, wood, plywood etc.
  • Contains 1 large and 1 medium size scissor
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Sharp blades make any cutting task easy
  • Rust resistant
  • Sharp blades make any cutting task easy
  • LCD display
  • 120 steps check
  • Soft push buttons
  • Invisible when applied
  • Writing- friendly surface
  • Can be effortlessly hand-torn


  • Expanding file folder for organizing and storing important papers or documents
  • Super-durable poly material provides waterproof and tear-resistant performance
  • Acid free, PVC free, and archival quality for added peace of mind and safe storage
  • Holds up to 900 sheets
  • 13 individual pockets, each expanding to 7/8 inches and tabbed for labels

These are the stationery things which we require at any point of time to write ideas and thoughts which going in our mind. So,preserve your essential skill and for that,hoarding and buying stationery seems to be a fair price to pay


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