The habit of reading is one of the best attribute which a person can posses.Books are called our best friend because of many reasons.Read Anytime Anywhere

Reading helps in building our confidence,they inspire us to do great things in our life, they overcome our failures.Once you start reading books you will get addicted to it and this addiction will not let you down, it will grow you up as a good and knowledgeable person.

Now if you are a person who doesn’t read, well it’s never too late to start.

Why reading is important for you?

  • It will help you to discover yourself – When you open a good book, every book opens a new thinking or dimension of thought for a reader. When you start reading a book you can relate yourself to the events, emotions, experience and characters in the book.It helps you to think in a different way, by reading more and more books you will know yourself.
  • You will be more focused and concentrated in your life.
  • You will gain treasure of new words, language command and communication skills. 
  • Reading is a great source of motivation.
  • Reading will change your imagination and creativity.
  • Makes you more confident person and it will help you to reduce your stress.
  • It increases your critical and analytical thinking.
  • Being lonely will not bother you much.
  • Sharpens memory.

Well, there are many benefits of reading.But some of them are discussed above.

What is Amazon Kindle?

It is a mobile phone version of Amazon’s popular ebook reading platform. The app allows you to quickly download and read electronic books on your phone.Read Anytime Anywhere

In the bus, on your break, in your bed—never be without a book. Built for book lovers, the Kindle app puts millions of eBooks, including textbooks and comics in English and a number of Indian languages at your fingertips.

How you can use it?

Image Credit-Amazon
  • You can simply go to the play store or app store and install it.
  • Open the app and signup or login into your account.

Read Samples Before You Buy or Download

You can read sample of any e-book you want to download or buy

You can adjust font size and adjust the screen according to you.

  • For more books you can go to the store option in the app.And sign up with Kindle Unlimited ,use the 30 days free trial.
  • And as I guess you will get addicted to reading soon. So, you can have subscription of 1 month at the price of Rs.169/-.

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