A Roller-Coaster Ride -LOVE 💖

LOVE- Just 4 words but it’s amalgamation of Two Chromosomes i.e X & Y or X & X or Y & Y , Particularly if we talk about the Romantic Love. Its easy to fall in love but the challenge is to hold on to them and keeping no-stone unturned to make it work. I always think how i fell in love with him and thinking process becomes a quest which made me realise fallen in love was probably not my choice , that just happened eventually however being in love is my choice .

So, Does it sometimes seems your world is falling apart? Well, it does tear you a little. and then that moment comes where you ask yourself do you still love them , do you still want them, and after such and erratic fight if your conscience says “HOLD ON” i believe that is “LOVE” .

I believe the best people who makes me wonder how to hold on to the one you love the most are your own parents . They teach you the utmost patience of hold on to. I see my parents fighting with each other over small and silly things and ends up still being together, loving each other more ..and i always land up wondering how do they do this ! what in the world gives them the more power and courage to love your other half more. I realised just by knowing that he or she is the only one who will accompany you throughout in your roller-coaster life ride. They just know they are best people for each other ,also certainly i found the basic reason behind a Couple’s fight is landing to get more cuddle , hugs , warmth and kisses. and who doesn’t love that . I personally love that feeling of love a lot. 💖

I always ask him why the hell do you love me ..and as always he says don’t ask me IIT & IIM question. HAHAH Big LOL.. Initially i felt he doesn’t want to answer it certainly but sooner i realised you would never know how you fallen in love with them and why do you love them because you are totally , completely and fully in love with them .Guys mark, my words if after spending a good time with your partner if they are telling you why they love you that certainly means they don’t love you moreover they are finding reasons to love you something what i learnt from my partner .

He is such an Annoying mate !! yes you read it right. sometimes i get the willing eagerness to understand how he ignores me so conveniently because i swear that drives me hell crazy and moreover after all this he would know that his death his totally nearby and he is going to be killed with all the dramas, tantrums and what not but he still manages to take that risk. You Know that famous dialogue from the movie Kick where Nawazuddin says

“Mai Maut ko tak se chu kar wapis aa skta hu ” .

HAHAH such a risk taker.

In all the world , he is my world because the way he manages me loves me , bear me with all my tantrums no one never can do that. They say love feels like a bed of roses i would rephrase it and say make your love journey a meaningful ride. Get into fights , get into tears , get his heart ripped, make him love you more with all your tantrum , make him go crazy and if he still loves you and reminds you that you are the best thing that has happened to him and more importantly if your conscience says yes be with him . He is a Keeper, Love him in all your fights , love him in all his sorrows and pain. and you will see no matter what you will be his forever love of life. Idea of falling in love is not love ,being in love is love.

Be Safe ,Stay Home and Enjoy the feeling of being in Love 💖


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